Sleepless In Texas

Hello fellow blogger, friends and family:

Today was one of those days I would have like to stay in bed and sleep the day away and start again all over tomorrow.  I had my new baby the puppy whose name is Maze and she decided that she wasn’t going to let me sleep at all then when I finally did get to sleep because she actually went to sleep my daughter comes in and said Mom it’s time to get up.  Now look at the time it is 2226 CST and the puppy is sound asleep she even snores.  LOL  I’m not that lucky cause I’m wide awake and waiting for my daughter to come home.  I could use a nap but I am very sure just as I get into that good sleep she will be home and wake me up and it will take me forever to go back to sleep.  Best thing to do is wait up until she gets home then I can go to sleep and she can watch her baby and I can get a little bit of shut eye.  Sound good doesn’t it.

I have been following a fellow blogger for a while now and I love his pictures which he takes all over everywhere if you follow me.  His name is Don Charisma.  I want you all to check him out if you haven’t read anything by him or seen his pictures.  He has a way about  him that is calming I love reading his blogs when I had a bad day because by the time I finished reading the blog my day has gotten better.  Other do the same for me but I really think it could be his pictures of the sunsets and water.

Well it almost 2300 and all is well at least for me.  I am thankful for all of you in cyberspace who read my blogs and for all of you who give me your comments I thank you too and I even I’m thankful for all of you who just like my blog without saying anything else.  I am so glad to have some of you has friends and even I getting to know the rest of you so I know we will be friends sooner or later.  Well y’all I will be closing this blog for now and will pick it up the next time I have something to say.  You all have a wonderful week and I hope and pray that spring gets here soon I’m so sick of winter and all the dang cold weather just a couple days ago we had snow. Yes snow in March can you believe it.  If I didn’t see it with my own eyes I wouldn’t have believed it.  Heck it is almost baseball season and that means spring.

I’m signing out for now y’all take care of yourselves and remember I’m thinking of y’all

Red Sox Lady 35




Hello Fellow Bloggers, Friends, and Family:

     We are heading into the last of the race for who is going to play who in the baseball series.  We have some close teams and then we have others in the division that are a long ways away from even getting into the race at all.  By the time we hit October we we be having the race to the pennant and we start getting chilly weather and we start dragging out our autumn sweaters, sweats and other cold weather clothes.  Why you ask to we do this because we love our sports and we have to stay warm so we don’t freeze our fannies off at the baseball and football games.  LOL 

     I love autumn but I really hate the cold….I am more into the changing of the colors in the trees all thoses red, oranges, yellow, and then finally brown when the leaves hit the ground.  But most of what I like about autumn is life I know to you that is a little crazy but hear me out…life is all around us…have you ever wondered how the bear knows when it is time to go to his cave and then not come out until it gets warm?  I don’t know either but it is wonderful for them cause they do know?  What about all those domestic amimals like squirrels, wolves, and what not you get the ideal you don’t really see them during the winter either. 

     Well my friends I am at an end pass because I don’t know what else to say except that I’m really excited to have all of you here to read my blogs and of course I love reading yours right back.  For those of you who do read them thank you so much and for the rest of you read one to see what if you like them….LOL  Well guys and gals thanks and have a wonderful week.  David give my love to Oliver and Chester and I hope you and yours have a wonderful week.