I’M BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello out there in cyberspace land.  I have been home for almost one who month and I have been stuck on bed rest because my clots in my leg are back but not just in my leg this time but in my arms, neck, spine area, also in the leg I have never had them.  Before I got on the bus to come home which was June 30 which was on that Friday but the Monday before I was in the hospital for a pain in the left foot which traveled all the way up to my hip when they checked it out they informed me that I had a huge clot in my upper thigh and wanted to make sure I was taking my blood thinner to which I replied “of course”.  So they put me on heavy duty IV blood thinners and sent me to the other hospital in Bay County.

I stay there until almost 1 PM in the afternoon the next day before my daughter Misty could come to rescue me and take me home.  Then I finished packing my bags and waiting for the time to leave to get on the bus and go west from Florida to Texas.  I arrived her in Texas and my final stopping place at 3 AM on the 3rd of July.  Talk about taking forever this trip was long and bad on the legs.  I am getting to old to travel by bus anymore.  LOL  But at least when I travel by bus someone else can drive and I can take pictures and look around and enjoy the scenery or read.

I am getting cabin fever I have been to the doctors twice and the only thing they have really done is take a lot of blood from me.  I haven’t got my medication upped or changed in anyway or have they done anything to check the clots.  So here I sit looking at the four same walls.  Now don’t get me wrong it isn’t like I’m complaining but I am going crazy here I can understand why some people what to go mean staying in bed.  I do have a TV to watch, I can read and now I can get on my computer but I have only had it back a couple of days like since Tuesday.  So I have had to do something.  Thank you for those of you who has missed me and made those comments to those words when I have been able to make comments on your blogs or your page when you share on Facebook or Twitter.   It is nice to know that I have been missed just a little.

I know that at times it has been hard for me to do anything the only thing I had was my phone and I don’t have enough space on it to put Facebook so I had to just deal with not being on it.  But I’m back on it and here as well I will try my best to get healthier and stay that way.

Thank you again.  I am so happy to be back,

Love ya,




Well first of all let me tell you all it has been a long time since I have been here and I have missed you.  There is no excuse to why I have been gone so long other than at the beginning I was helping my ex take care of his Mom then there was other factors to keep me away.  But now that I have completed what I needed to do for my ex and his Mom and my daughter doesn’t need me I’m going back home to Texas.  I will be going back to Texas by the 2nd of July it should be an interesting trip and I will keep you guys up to date on the status as I travel the roadway.

It shall be fun to be back in the land of hot, hot and hotter.  I know most of you are asking me what made me decide to go back to Texas in one of the hottest months of the summer knowing that it’s only going to get hotter well it’s really no different staying here in the summer we get in the triple digits here too however it isn’t quite as hot here really it is just really humid.  In Texas the humidity where I live anyway is about 13 to 22 percent most days so if the temperature is 105 degree with the heat index it might be up to about 108 degree where as here in Florida if the temperature is 100 then with the humidity being 89 or 95 percent it would be the same temperature as it would be in Texas with the heat index of 108 degree but you would be dripping wet.  There lies the difference.

There was a lot of changes in Florida when I got back this time the last time I was here was when Carl passed away in 2012 I came and stayed with Art and Mom for a month to get my head together and deal with the loss of my husband plus some other things too.  I couldn’t believe all the things they had build up on the beach side of the road all the hotels, apartment buildings and how tall they were.  They almost blocked all of the view of the beach and the water.   I mean really it was almost building to building no way could you see the beach or water driving your car from road when I was stationed here in the late 70’s there was opened spaces you could park your car and walk across the street and go walk on the beach or just sit in the parking lot wherever you were and watch the water hit the beach.  You can’t do that now.  It is so sad.  It is like a lost of era and a different way of life maybe a simpler time.  But I’m sure when I get back to Texas somethings have changed there too.

I just wanted to let y’all know that I will start back to writing again now I know that I have missed doing it and I have probably lost a lot of my followers because I haven’t been here but I promise I will start being here more often I didn’t realize how much I missed it until I decided to write and let you know that I was going back to Texas and back to my roots to get my act together again.

Thank you once again for reading and letting me get things down.  I really have missed you guys a lot.  God bless you and I hope you all have a beautiful Summer.

❤ Kat



Hello fellow bloggers, family and friends: As most of you know Carl (my hubby) died four years ago today it has taken me that many years to finally honor his final request which was to take him or somehow get him to New England (New Hampshire) so that he might start to enjoy those color changes in the trees when summer starts to turn cooler into autumn.  Well I took his ashes down to the marina during high tide and poured him into the water so that he could catch the gulf streams going out which would happen this morning about 0152.  I figure by now he is probably around the Key Largo, Miami area so he would be on the east side of Florida while I put him in on the west side of Florida.

With the momentum that Tropical depression Bonnie has he should be in the upward part of the east coast and in New Hampshire no later maybe next Monday and I would say by than he should be quite content.  (LOL)

I was miserable when I first thought taking and placing his ashes out in the gulf but I knew this was the most practical solution and it was the only non-money one.  I’m not going to say that it was the easiest thing I have ever done because you who have been reading me for a while would know I would be lying and mostly to myself. I will tell you I think it is the best thing all around for not only him even though I’m sure after four years he doesn’t really care (except to get out of the box) but the rest of us.  I was talking to a friend earlier and told him I was miserable and he told me it would get easier I know it will and it already has because I have voiced it with him and now I feel even better because why you ask I’m blogging and blogging is always best.

Well Guys and Girls thanks just stopping by so that I can burn off a lot of stress, grief and any other stuff that is left over from the last four years.  It will be a little easier I feel simply because I finally got the last request done for Carl even if I didn’t take him personally to New Hampshire he is on his way and he is doing it his way.  I love you all please leave me a comment and let me know what you think.



Hello fellow bloggers, family, and friends,
Misty and I are finally in Washington state and even though it was hard leaving family in a place that was familiar and safe it was the best thing to do for all kinds of reasons but some I’m not ready to share let’s just say starting over is best for our piece of mind and let it go at that okay.
We ended up being on the bus for 53 hours and some odd minutes because of all the delays that we had to be subject to. The actual trip was supposed to be 25 hours and 45 minutes but I think it was because of not enough bus drivers to handle the number of people travelling, bus’s was breaking down all over the place and the one coming from Dallas into Wichita Falls was two and a half hours late because of an accident involving the bus which cause everyone having a connecting bus somewhere else to miss their bus and then having to sit there and wait for the next one instead of them finding a bus to go to the next location.
No good news yet on Henry just more of the same. I guess Stephen is still waiting for his cutoff date which is the 45 days from the accident. The accident was on April 2 and on May 7 it will be five weeks which is thirty-five days so but on May 17 he will make his decision on what will be done for Henry.
Misty and I met an interesting man on our day in Las Vegas near the CVS on the strip. He was a veteran of Vietnam and he was homeless but he didn’t blame anyone he just said that America was in debt up to their bottoms and even though he receives full pension from Uncle Sam for time served he just doesn’t make enough money to pay everything and no one seems to help him. Anyway the point I trying to make very badly is he gets a full ride (100%) disabled he can’t make it on his own. We has a country help all these other countries bring them over here give them free stuff until they get on their feet but we can’t seem to help our own Vets live in a place that is safe and off the streets. I worry about not only the Vets on the street but our children who have run away from home. Are they going to wake up and be safe or will they become a statistic of another body found dead on the street that no one cares about?
I know this is really long tonight but I haven’t blogged in a day or two so I have a lot to say and my brain is pressing for it to get it on paper. LOL
Has Misty and I got on the bus in Medford, OR I realized it had been raining all day and the weather was calling for more of the rain. Now I know how Washington and Oregon keep so green and it is because of all the rain. Here it is two days since we have arrived and it is still raining and its Monday and rain is supposed to continue until Thursday or Friday. I don’t mind the rain I just don’t like the booming and lightening that goes with it.
Misty and I took pictures along the way and once I get my cord I will be posting them. Now for all of you that I promised a travel blog I need to get to work on it and then I will post it so you can read it too. I’m so happy to be here and able to start over and maybe it will be okay for both Misty and I. Take care my bloggers, family and friends. I want to wish all you Moms who read my blog a very Happy Mother’s Day hope your day is fun and may all your friends and family wish you a happy day.

Red Sox Lady 35

Hello Bloggers and Friends alike:As I ready myself

Hello Bloggers and Friends alike:

As I ready myself for my trip down south on Monday with my cousin HP for his treatment of rare bone cancer.  I will be gone from here for about 2 months and 2 weeks HP and I will try to relax a little and see the sites but I know it will be hard on him too.  I’m asking you as the readers of my blogs and people who I feel like are family as well as friends to keep HP in your prayers the doctors down at the VA Hospital are not hopeful but say anything can happen I’m hoping 2 of us go down and 2 of us come back home.  But to tell you the truth I’m just a little scared.  I will carry each one of you in my heart because you have all touched a piece of it.  I know that I will be taking my camera down south with me cause there are so many places to shoot pictures at: building, the river walk, the Alamo, of course that is one of the things San Antonio is famous for.  It is also where they did the filming of Baywatch the TV series with Pamela Anderson.  I know that there is other known places also but I want to surprise you with what I post while I’m there. 

Keep us in your prayers and I will keep y’all in my thoughts.  David I don’t whether you read my blogs or not but I really do love Chester and Oliver and it is so cool that you have finally given Oliver top billing with you. I want all of you to feel like you are in San Antonio when you look at my pictures we will see won’t we?  Well my Friends that is all for now I want all of you to love your family and not take them for granted.  Love always Red Soxs Lady 35