It’s been another year added to all the other years you have been gone already.  I still miss you all the time.  I know I want to pick up the phone at least a hundred times a day to call and tell you something that has happened then I remember that you’re not here to answer anymore.  You left us so long ago of course I know you didn’t want to leave but I know that it was better than watching you in pain every day.  God was done with you here on earth and needed your beautiful shining face where he could see that wonderful smile himself every day.

Yes  Mom we are all doing good and taking care of one another as best as we can.  We all love you and wish we could hug you just one last time but we know that there is no more suffering for you and that you’re in a better place.  So you don’t worry about us and you continue to catch up with all the loves who have gone before you and since you have left us.  Give all my love tell JJ, HP and Uncle Chuck that I love them all so very much and miss them and wish that I could have been there with them at the end but I was somewhere else and didn’t know until it was too late.  Give all the others a shout out too but Mom you remember that here on earth you are missed and loved every day for the rest of my days.

This is a little note to my Mom Fern C. Kelly  March 9,1933-September 5, 2000 that all of her children and all who are still living here on earth still think of her every day and miss her too every day.  Thanks Mom

Love all of us,

Kat, Mark, Chris, Misty, Carolyn, Nick, Wesley, JJ, and all the other cousins who are left that I can’t name them all….


We become our Parents Parents!!!

     Have you ever noticed that when we are born that our parents most of the time take care of us until we move away from home to go to college or join the military or even just get our own space when or even get married.  Then when they get older and have trouble taking care of themselves they move in with us and we take care of them until such time as they no longer need the care or they are no longer here on earth.  I know this because in 2000 I moved in with my Mom because she was having a few issues about taking her medicine and getting on time.  So I keep my full time job and my brother and I took turns when I was at work during the day he took care of her and when I got off I would pick of the slack and watch over Mom.  Do all the cleaning, cooking, laundry and anything else that had to be done.  In July when we were told that her cancer was back she was already have some major problems and then by September she was gone.  But she needed lots of help and I was glad to be available to help her and be with her until she no longer needed me.  

     She is still missed by all of us but we all shared responsibilities for her welfare and tried to keep her on tract the best we could to make her comfortable and keep her happy the way that we could.  I hope you all understand it doesn’t happen in all families but in ours it worked.  You have a good weekend and have an extra nice week to come.  

Red Sox Lady 35