Well first of all let me tell you all it has been a long time since I have been here and I have missed you.  There is no excuse to why I have been gone so long other than at the beginning I was helping my ex take care of his Mom then there was other factors to keep me away.  But now that I have completed what I needed to do for my ex and his Mom and my daughter doesn’t need me I’m going back home to Texas.  I will be going back to Texas by the 2nd of July it should be an interesting trip and I will keep you guys up to date on the status as I travel the roadway.

It shall be fun to be back in the land of hot, hot and hotter.  I know most of you are asking me what made me decide to go back to Texas in one of the hottest months of the summer knowing that it’s only going to get hotter well it’s really no different staying here in the summer we get in the triple digits here too however it isn’t quite as hot here really it is just really humid.  In Texas the humidity where I live anyway is about 13 to 22 percent most days so if the temperature is 105 degree with the heat index it might be up to about 108 degree where as here in Florida if the temperature is 100 then with the humidity being 89 or 95 percent it would be the same temperature as it would be in Texas with the heat index of 108 degree but you would be dripping wet.  There lies the difference.

There was a lot of changes in Florida when I got back this time the last time I was here was when Carl passed away in 2012 I came and stayed with Art and Mom for a month to get my head together and deal with the loss of my husband plus some other things too.  I couldn’t believe all the things they had build up on the beach side of the road all the hotels, apartment buildings and how tall they were.  They almost blocked all of the view of the beach and the water.   I mean really it was almost building to building no way could you see the beach or water driving your car from road when I was stationed here in the late 70’s there was opened spaces you could park your car and walk across the street and go walk on the beach or just sit in the parking lot wherever you were and watch the water hit the beach.  You can’t do that now.  It is so sad.  It is like a lost of era and a different way of life maybe a simpler time.  But I’m sure when I get back to Texas somethings have changed there too.

I just wanted to let y’all know that I will start back to writing again now I know that I have missed doing it and I have probably lost a lot of my followers because I haven’t been here but I promise I will start being here more often I didn’t realize how much I missed it until I decided to write and let you know that I was going back to Texas and back to my roots to get my act together again.

Thank you once again for reading and letting me get things down.  I really have missed you guys a lot.  God bless you and I hope you all have a beautiful Summer.

❤ Kat



It’s been another year added to all the other years you have been gone already.  I still miss you all the time.  I know I want to pick up the phone at least a hundred times a day to call and tell you something that has happened then I remember that you’re not here to answer anymore.  You left us so long ago of course I know you didn’t want to leave but I know that it was better than watching you in pain every day.  God was done with you here on earth and needed your beautiful shining face where he could see that wonderful smile himself every day.

Yes  Mom we are all doing good and taking care of one another as best as we can.  We all love you and wish we could hug you just one last time but we know that there is no more suffering for you and that you’re in a better place.  So you don’t worry about us and you continue to catch up with all the loves who have gone before you and since you have left us.  Give all my love tell JJ, HP and Uncle Chuck that I love them all so very much and miss them and wish that I could have been there with them at the end but I was somewhere else and didn’t know until it was too late.  Give all the others a shout out too but Mom you remember that here on earth you are missed and loved every day for the rest of my days.

This is a little note to my Mom Fern C. Kelly  March 9,1933-September 5, 2000 that all of her children and all who are still living here on earth still think of her every day and miss her too every day.  Thanks Mom

Love all of us,

Kat, Mark, Chris, Misty, Carolyn, Nick, Wesley, JJ, and all the other cousins who are left that I can’t name them all….


Good morning fellow bloggers, friends and family,

There are two things right now that are keeping me sane and that is my writing and all of you some of you more than others but that is the way the cookie crumbs sometimes. My friend, confidant, my ride and best of all he is my family. I told you that he had been in a one car accident and that he was in Oklahoma City at a local hospital there not even the VA hospital where he had his appointment the day before. When they found him no one knew he was a veteran so they took him to the hospital by the VA hospital. He has had no change of any kind since he was brought in on the Wednesday three weeks ago yesterday. Unless you call them taking him to emergency surgery to stop a clot from hitting his lungs other than that he is still unresponsive and no attentive in his brain. Doctors tell Stephen that if he wakes up he will not stay that way he will go right back to sleep for the last time and he would not know anything or anyone. We are still asking for you to continue your prayers for him and his family…I know that his sons would appreciate even if they can’t or won’t tell you themselves. I appreciate also from the bottom of my heart.

Misty and I will be getting on the bus to move to Washington State now on April 27 instead of April 28 so for a few days I will be off of my computer but as soon as I get to my other daughter’s house I will probably rest first (LOL) and get back on the internet and let you know how the travelling was for us both. We plan to take a few pictures of the different places along the way and of course of our new home state. I will be posting some of those pictures here for anyone interested in seeing the trip and different places through our eyes. Misty said to me one day after we decided to go and help her sister, brother in law and nephew that we are starting over in a new state and it has a changing of the seasons isn’t that wonderful? To which I replied Yes that is not only wonderful but it is also awesome too.

For all of you who know me personally not just by my writing know that I grew up here in Texas and that I always come back here too however I believe this time when I leave I might come back to visit friends and family but I don’t think I will come back to live.

Mist and I are basically pulling our hair out—we will be gone from the house on the afternoon or early evening of April 26 and on Thursday and Friday we will be having a driveway sale along with the rest of our community while one of us is outside the other will be finishing packing last minute stuff and cleaning and we will switch out when the one outside needs a break from sitting. LOL Well my dear bloggers, friends and family it is 0312 and I have a very long day today and I need to hit the rack so I can get a little rest before I have to start again. Take care my friends and have a very Happy Easter don’t eat too much candy and get sick. This year four months have already gone where did they go so fast.

Red Sox Lady 35

Carl March 11, 1953 to May 30, 2012




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Hello fellow bloggers, family and friends:

On March 9, I honored my Mom and today it is about my husband Carl who I lost almost 2 years old in May.  I hope I can do him justice because he is so fresh in my mind and I miss him so much.  I know that he is in a far better place than he was here on earth and he is not in any pain.  But it hasn’t stop me from reaching for him in the dark and he isn’t there or missing him as much as I would miss breathing.  I forget sometimes and want to tell him something but he isn’t here to listen.  I just will continue on every day until it becomes easier to survive like Carl needs me to do and I need myself to do. 

He was a good man who died too young because of what he did when he was young.  But no one could help but him getting sick it was no one’s fault it just something that happens in everyday life.  I love him still even if I can’t see him every day.  Rest in peace my love!!

Love Kat

Missing You Mom

     Hello fellow bloggers and family:

     Tomorrow is the 13 anniversary of my Mom’s death and no matter how many years it is it seems like yesterday.  I know that by now some people tell me it shouldn’t hurt anymore but I’m not sure if there is a time limit to how long a person can grief or even miss a person.  I know in my way of thinking there isn’t a time that I haven’t wanted to pick up the phone to call her and say hey Mom did you know or guess what?  I’m sure there are others who have lost a love one and have the same feelings and thoughts as I do.  My ex has told me that it does get easier and when it does he will tell me the day that it does for him…he still has his Mom but has lost his Dad and his Dad has been gone longer than my Mom by four years. 

     I have been to therapy when my husband passed away this past year but the rules still apply for Mom when the grief stops it will get better but I’m not sure the grief ever stops I think it just gets easier to cope with.  I know there are a lot of you out there in cyberspace who has lost someone close to you it doesn’t have to be a person it could be a much loved pet, or maybe even a teacher (yes I know that is a person) lol but I’m looking a little feedback here.  I was told even in group that we all take different amounts of time to get better with our losses but that 13 years is truly a long time.  I don’t think about her in a way that she isn’t here anymore I just think about telling her things that if she were still here I could tell her.  Does that make sense to anybody out there in cyberspace? 

     Now that I’ve let everyone of you think I’m crazy or something even worse I will closing this on a good note.  My Mom died at the ripe young age of 67 years young and if she were here with us now she would be almost 81years old and still going strong.  But  Mom in all seriousness the family misses you all the time and your granddaughter Misty and I really miss you too.  Hope your up there in heaven having a great time of playing cards with Grandma Ruby, Nana Dot, Aunt Betty and of course DJ cause I know she would want to get in the act also.

     Mom we love you so much I’m so happy that your not in pain any more and that you have something to smile about.  Image

     Don’t think I’m crazy but sometimes I feel her when I have had a crappy day and things just haven’t gone has planned when I go to sleep I feel her there with me even though that isn’t possible.  I wake up and realize that it couldn’t of happened because she is gone and she won’t ever be back.  But sometimes your mind can play tricks on you and you really think things are real when they’re not.

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day means different things to different people but for me it means my Mom is gone and I can’t tell her in person to have a good Mom’s day.  But I still can tell her I love her and even Happy Mom’s Day but not by seeing her I just go to the cemetery and tell her anything and everything I want. 

For all of you out there who still have your Moms still with you don’t ever take her for granted because one day your going to wake up and wonder were the time as gone and why didn’t you pay more attention I know because I have been there.  At times I wish that I could pick up the phone and tell her that she is missed not just on her birthday, Moms day, grandparents day, Thanksgiving, and of course Christmas and everything it means but that can’t happen because there is no phone in heaven.  LOL  I still feel her at times. My brother Mark is quiet about his feelings but I know that he misses her and my daughter Misty is very verbal about her feelings where my Mom is concern.  I suppose we all have different feels and we react and we share them differently also. I suppose that I’m the lucky one because I have my writing to keep me sane.  Misty writes but not as often as me. 

I don’t ever want you to think I’m telling what to do after all she is your Mom and you should do what you feel is right for you.  I know that I’m a little late with my wishes but I was a little slow on the up take today until I went to the cemetery this morning.  I hope each and every one of you had a great Mom’s day and that you got to see your children, aunts, sisters and daughters as well as great granddaughters and granddaughters.  I hope you have each enjoyed my blog and that you all enjoy your week.  It just might be busy but life is always busy isn’t it.  I hope to see you soon so until then have a very good day and be good to yourself.     Love Kat