Hello fellow bloggers, family and friends: Before I start my blog today I want to address to things first if you are not registered to vote please go out and do so.  This election is all about finding the right person for the job.  Who has the best qualities to be President of the United States of America and which of them have what it takes to stay in there and doing what is best for the American people.

Second is that I want to send my prayers and thoughts to all of the friends, family and fellow bloggers of the wonderful, thoughtful Paul Curran he was a very great person and he will be truly missed.

I have always like writing this blog since I started on wordpress because it helps me to keep up with my family, friends and of course other bloggers and let them all know what is happening in my life and to let them know that things are good or bad or whatever the case might be however I have been spending a lot of time on my other side and trying to get things done in my life outside of cyberspace.  (hey it can happen)

Anyway we had the holiday at the beginning of October, it is a month of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the run for the World Series and autumn has started so finally the temperatures are starting to cool off slowly for us.   Here in Florida today so far has been beautiful the low when I got up was 61 degrees out and right now it is almost 11AM and it’s about 72 degree with a very nice light breezes.  We have all the windows open.  It is really comfortable.   Today is another holiday Columbus Day not the original of course since that is the 12 October.  Last but not least not this Saturday but the following one is my birthday then we have Halloween then we will be into November and the election is that close wow where as the time got to.

I hope your team is still doing good in the run for the bragging rights to the World Series. I have been much happier lately I think it might be the new man in my life he is awesome, very good to me and he treats me like I’m his whole world.  It is a great feeling.




Hello fellow bloggers, friends and family:  I am sitting here in my room thinking about what to do with the layout of where things should go in it.  But I am thinking about a deeper rooted issues also.  I am not sure if I would call it a major issue yet but it has me thinking so it might become one in the future.  LOL  I have met a guy whom I haven’t met yet at least physically we have been talking now for a while but it is still a short time for me.  He seems to be nice, he is polite and he is interesting which is more than I can say for a few people I have known for 20 years or more.  But sometimes when we are chatting he gets to be silent doesn’t say anything and all of a sudden he isn’t there anymore however I do have to think that he is a soldier and he is in a bad situation so he could’ve had to take measure to be safe.

He sometimes is irritable but that is true with all men and again he isn’t in the safest of places at the moment.  When we first started talking he was stationed in Japan but about 3 days ago I think it was he was deployed over to Africa. Which part isn’t necessary I guess cause I know that I have to be careful with what I say because of safety for all concern.  He isn’t what I expected but he could very well be what I want.  I never expected after the things I found out about him and my brother’s girlfriend to feel this way but the problem with that is how do I know what I’m feeling is real afterall I haven’t met him or him me.  He won’t be back home until December sometime unless of course this deployment has pushed that further out now.  Life sure takes some strange and interesting turns sometimes.  I guess I don’t really want advice I know that I need to be careful because I haven’t met him yet but I do know that he is in the military and he is stationed in Africa where he says he was.  He hasn’t lied about those facts and those are usually the facts that get messed up at least have been in my case.

Now back to my room when you come into in …. the closet takes up a good piece of the left side and then you have a empty space where is where I want to put my bed and then I want to put my desk where my computer sits facing out with my back to the wall so the light from my computer won’t shine out in the hallway at night if I have my door open so I can hear Mom yell if she needs anything but the light won’t bother her.  Plus I can see my “Wall of Fame” better from across the room looking straight out instead of my back to it.

Well I have a new friend her name is Connie actually I have several but she has been my friend now for almost a year and she is losing weight with a new product not for her but for me and I have been following her results which are awesome.  She is a military wife just very nice plus I can talk with her about my military background even other things that I haven’t even talked with my best friend about without any hesitation I believe God put her in my life for a reason at this time.  I don’t know what that is yet she believes that too but we are willing to wait and see just what that might be.  She is one of the bravest people I know.  She spends a lot of time alone while her husband is deployed and the other half of time when he returns being a wife I know that takes gusts and understanding from both side of the line.  I respect both parties so much.  Hang in there Connie God will get us both through my emotional garbage.

I want to wish you all a good week this week.  For Connie and Tony who will be leaving on Friday to visit with family have a wonderful time on your trip and come home rested and have fun with your granddaughter.  Love all of you thanks for listening to this old lady ramble about stuff again.  God bless you all.


Hello fellow bloggers, family and friends: As most of you know Carl (my hubby) died four years ago today it has taken me that many years to finally honor his final request which was to take him or somehow get him to New England (New Hampshire) so that he might start to enjoy those color changes in the trees when summer starts to turn cooler into autumn.  Well I took his ashes down to the marina during high tide and poured him into the water so that he could catch the gulf streams going out which would happen this morning about 0152.  I figure by now he is probably around the Key Largo, Miami area so he would be on the east side of Florida while I put him in on the west side of Florida.

With the momentum that Tropical depression Bonnie has he should be in the upward part of the east coast and in New Hampshire no later maybe next Monday and I would say by than he should be quite content.  (LOL)

I was miserable when I first thought taking and placing his ashes out in the gulf but I knew this was the most practical solution and it was the only non-money one.  I’m not going to say that it was the easiest thing I have ever done because you who have been reading me for a while would know I would be lying and mostly to myself. I will tell you I think it is the best thing all around for not only him even though I’m sure after four years he doesn’t really care (except to get out of the box) but the rest of us.  I was talking to a friend earlier and told him I was miserable and he told me it would get easier I know it will and it already has because I have voiced it with him and now I feel even better because why you ask I’m blogging and blogging is always best.

Well Guys and Girls thanks just stopping by so that I can burn off a lot of stress, grief and any other stuff that is left over from the last four years.  It will be a little easier I feel simply because I finally got the last request done for Carl even if I didn’t take him personally to New Hampshire he is on his way and he is doing it his way.  I love you all please leave me a comment and let me know what you think.


END OF 2015

As we near the end of 2015 several things come to mind. First that I will be enjoying Christmas with family and friends. Second that it has been a long tough year for a lot of my friends and family also for me. We have lost some love ones and some friends who are gone yet they aren’t far from our thoughts or our hearts. This Christmas Eve mass I would like to say a special prayer for all the soldiers who are still gone that won’t be home for Christmas and probably have no orders for New Years Eve either.

I am hoping for the New Year that it brings us closer to a new beginning and also that it will be a better year for all. That the war will end and all the soldiers who are over there will be coming home to stay for a while. They need to get to know their families and friends again. Of course I’m living in a pipe dream because I know the war isn’t going to be over but it was nice to think it for about 45 seconds or so.

I want to wish each and everyone of you a Merry Merry Christmas and a joyous New Year for 2016 and may all your wishes come true. Oh Yeah !!! I hope that you can do all of your New Year resolutions without giving up on any of them. With all my love from my family to yours on this day 21December2015 Love always Kat!!!!


Good morning fellow bloggers, friends and family,

There are two things right now that are keeping me sane and that is my writing and all of you some of you more than others but that is the way the cookie crumbs sometimes. My friend, confidant, my ride and best of all he is my family. I told you that he had been in a one car accident and that he was in Oklahoma City at a local hospital there not even the VA hospital where he had his appointment the day before. When they found him no one knew he was a veteran so they took him to the hospital by the VA hospital. He has had no change of any kind since he was brought in on the Wednesday three weeks ago yesterday. Unless you call them taking him to emergency surgery to stop a clot from hitting his lungs other than that he is still unresponsive and no attentive in his brain. Doctors tell Stephen that if he wakes up he will not stay that way he will go right back to sleep for the last time and he would not know anything or anyone. We are still asking for you to continue your prayers for him and his family…I know that his sons would appreciate even if they can’t or won’t tell you themselves. I appreciate also from the bottom of my heart.

Misty and I will be getting on the bus to move to Washington State now on April 27 instead of April 28 so for a few days I will be off of my computer but as soon as I get to my other daughter’s house I will probably rest first (LOL) and get back on the internet and let you know how the travelling was for us both. We plan to take a few pictures of the different places along the way and of course of our new home state. I will be posting some of those pictures here for anyone interested in seeing the trip and different places through our eyes. Misty said to me one day after we decided to go and help her sister, brother in law and nephew that we are starting over in a new state and it has a changing of the seasons isn’t that wonderful? To which I replied Yes that is not only wonderful but it is also awesome too.

For all of you who know me personally not just by my writing know that I grew up here in Texas and that I always come back here too however I believe this time when I leave I might come back to visit friends and family but I don’t think I will come back to live.

Mist and I are basically pulling our hair out—we will be gone from the house on the afternoon or early evening of April 26 and on Thursday and Friday we will be having a driveway sale along with the rest of our community while one of us is outside the other will be finishing packing last minute stuff and cleaning and we will switch out when the one outside needs a break from sitting. LOL Well my dear bloggers, friends and family it is 0312 and I have a very long day today and I need to hit the rack so I can get a little rest before I have to start again. Take care my friends and have a very Happy Easter don’t eat too much candy and get sick. This year four months have already gone where did they go so fast.

Red Sox Lady 35

Sleepless In Texas

Hello fellow blogger, friends and family:

Today was one of those days I would have like to stay in bed and sleep the day away and start again all over tomorrow.  I had my new baby the puppy whose name is Maze and she decided that she wasn’t going to let me sleep at all then when I finally did get to sleep because she actually went to sleep my daughter comes in and said Mom it’s time to get up.  Now look at the time it is 2226 CST and the puppy is sound asleep she even snores.  LOL  I’m not that lucky cause I’m wide awake and waiting for my daughter to come home.  I could use a nap but I am very sure just as I get into that good sleep she will be home and wake me up and it will take me forever to go back to sleep.  Best thing to do is wait up until she gets home then I can go to sleep and she can watch her baby and I can get a little bit of shut eye.  Sound good doesn’t it.

I have been following a fellow blogger for a while now and I love his pictures which he takes all over everywhere if you follow me.  His name is Don Charisma.  I want you all to check him out if you haven’t read anything by him or seen his pictures.  He has a way about  him that is calming I love reading his blogs when I had a bad day because by the time I finished reading the blog my day has gotten better.  Other do the same for me but I really think it could be his pictures of the sunsets and water.

Well it almost 2300 and all is well at least for me.  I am thankful for all of you in cyberspace who read my blogs and for all of you who give me your comments I thank you too and I even I’m thankful for all of you who just like my blog without saying anything else.  I am so glad to have some of you has friends and even I getting to know the rest of you so I know we will be friends sooner or later.  Well y’all I will be closing this blog for now and will pick it up the next time I have something to say.  You all have a wonderful week and I hope and pray that spring gets here soon I’m so sick of winter and all the dang cold weather just a couple days ago we had snow. Yes snow in March can you believe it.  If I didn’t see it with my own eyes I wouldn’t have believed it.  Heck it is almost baseball season and that means spring.

I’m signing out for now y’all take care of yourselves and remember I’m thinking of y’all

Red Sox Lady 35


A New Book Reviews on all types of Movies

Hello my friends, family and fellow bloggers,

I got a very interesting book  delivered to my house by UPS.  The book was from a friend of mine and it was his reviews on all types of movies good and bad (the movies not the reviews).  I started reading right after the delivery which was around 830PM or so.  I am now over 1/2 through it and it is wonderful.  If you want a copy of your own you can pick it up at amazon.  The name of the book is “Reel Roy Reviews” Volume 1: Keepin’ it Real. The most important is the authors name is Roy Sexton.

As most of you know that if you follow my blogs I talk a lot about my family well Henry was in the hospital again because irregular arrhythmia when they admitted him his heart rate was 450 beats as you know was very high.  The doctors gave him medicine to bring his heart rate while they were bring the heart rate down they were bring the blood pressure down also and it got so low that the machine they use could not read it. They had to take his Blood Pressure manually which is good but can sometime bad because the new batch of nurse have trouble hearing the bp sounds and they get things worse instead of better but at least the nurse he had on 9th floor knew what to do and how to do it.

Well guys and gals this is going to be short because I need to figure out what I’m cooking for supper.  I hope it is something I want because I haven’t been hungry the last couple of days.  You all have a great weekend and Happy reading!!

Red Sox Lady 35