National Breast Awareness Month

Hello fellow bloggers, family and friends,

October is upon us and a lot of things happen in the month October.  We have National Breast Awareness Month, we have the run for the pennant to see who will be playing in the World Series, autumn is getting ready to beginning the colorful show of reds, greens, yellows, oranges, and the smell of autumn, Halloween for the kids and last but not least my birthday.

It is important for me to get the awareness of breast cancer out there to every single person because I lost my great-grandma because of this cancer the doctors thought she had a bug bite on her boob and treated her for it by the time they realized she had breast cancer she was gone all within a six month period of time.  My sister had a reduction of her boobs because of a backache all the time within two weeks of the reduction they found lots of lumps on both sides and she had to have a radical on both sides the reduction saved her life.  My Aunt had a partial on his left side.  So you now you understand why I’m trying to get the word out about breast cancer.

I found some pretty images of autumn that are right along the ideal pictures of what I think autumn is all about and also just to share with you my ideal of what autumn is to me.   If I could I would live here all the time and be able to write anything and everything I can.  I wish you all a happy October and may you all have a wonderful Halloween with your children and family.  Best of all have fun watching the World Series and I will put a little humor for all of you who have a huge yard have a little fun with the leaves before you rake them up and put them in the bag.  LOL  Your children will love you more and so will your spouse.

Last on this blog today is I hope your team makes it to the World Series or at least the makes it to the run off.  Good luck to all you baseball fans and to all your teams still in the running.

autumn at the lake
autumn at the lake


Hello fellow bloggers, family, and friends,
Misty and I are finally in Washington state and even though it was hard leaving family in a place that was familiar and safe it was the best thing to do for all kinds of reasons but some I’m not ready to share let’s just say starting over is best for our piece of mind and let it go at that okay.
We ended up being on the bus for 53 hours and some odd minutes because of all the delays that we had to be subject to. The actual trip was supposed to be 25 hours and 45 minutes but I think it was because of not enough bus drivers to handle the number of people travelling, bus’s was breaking down all over the place and the one coming from Dallas into Wichita Falls was two and a half hours late because of an accident involving the bus which cause everyone having a connecting bus somewhere else to miss their bus and then having to sit there and wait for the next one instead of them finding a bus to go to the next location.
No good news yet on Henry just more of the same. I guess Stephen is still waiting for his cutoff date which is the 45 days from the accident. The accident was on April 2 and on May 7 it will be five weeks which is thirty-five days so but on May 17 he will make his decision on what will be done for Henry.
Misty and I met an interesting man on our day in Las Vegas near the CVS on the strip. He was a veteran of Vietnam and he was homeless but he didn’t blame anyone he just said that America was in debt up to their bottoms and even though he receives full pension from Uncle Sam for time served he just doesn’t make enough money to pay everything and no one seems to help him. Anyway the point I trying to make very badly is he gets a full ride (100%) disabled he can’t make it on his own. We has a country help all these other countries bring them over here give them free stuff until they get on their feet but we can’t seem to help our own Vets live in a place that is safe and off the streets. I worry about not only the Vets on the street but our children who have run away from home. Are they going to wake up and be safe or will they become a statistic of another body found dead on the street that no one cares about?
I know this is really long tonight but I haven’t blogged in a day or two so I have a lot to say and my brain is pressing for it to get it on paper. LOL
Has Misty and I got on the bus in Medford, OR I realized it had been raining all day and the weather was calling for more of the rain. Now I know how Washington and Oregon keep so green and it is because of all the rain. Here it is two days since we have arrived and it is still raining and its Monday and rain is supposed to continue until Thursday or Friday. I don’t mind the rain I just don’t like the booming and lightening that goes with it.
Misty and I took pictures along the way and once I get my cord I will be posting them. Now for all of you that I promised a travel blog I need to get to work on it and then I will post it so you can read it too. I’m so happy to be here and able to start over and maybe it will be okay for both Misty and I. Take care my bloggers, family and friends. I want to wish all you Moms who read my blog a very Happy Mother’s Day hope your day is fun and may all your friends and family wish you a happy day.

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We become our Parents Parents!!!

     Have you ever noticed that when we are born that our parents most of the time take care of us until we move away from home to go to college or join the military or even just get our own space when or even get married.  Then when they get older and have trouble taking care of themselves they move in with us and we take care of them until such time as they no longer need the care or they are no longer here on earth.  I know this because in 2000 I moved in with my Mom because she was having a few issues about taking her medicine and getting on time.  So I keep my full time job and my brother and I took turns when I was at work during the day he took care of her and when I got off I would pick of the slack and watch over Mom.  Do all the cleaning, cooking, laundry and anything else that had to be done.  In July when we were told that her cancer was back she was already have some major problems and then by September she was gone.  But she needed lots of help and I was glad to be available to help her and be with her until she no longer needed me.  

     She is still missed by all of us but we all shared responsibilities for her welfare and tried to keep her on tract the best we could to make her comfortable and keep her happy the way that we could.  I hope you all understand it doesn’t happen in all families but in ours it worked.  You have a good weekend and have an extra nice week to come.  

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Staying Put/Buying A House


Hello again my fellow bloggers and friends:

I told you on Mother’s Day that Misty and I would be moving to FL so that she can have back surgery and do her recovery and rehab there however I find out now that that isn’t going to happen which makes both of us very sad because we both love the gulf.  I know that we could have moved down south and been near the gulf but it just isn’t the same as being in FL.  FL has the best beaches in the world.  (clean white sand)  Here we don’t have any water in our lakes because we haven’t had enough rain for a while now.  So now that Misty and I know we aren’t going to move to another state we decided that we needed to have some space to call our own.  Space that we wouldn’t to share with my brother Mark and my sister in law Dawn.  So at first we looked for an apartment and could find any that we could afford or that we liked.  So then Misty came up with rent a mobile home we already live in one so it can’t be that bad right?  So we went over to where we lived when my Mom was alive and living with us.  They have new owners, new management and they don’t rent trailers anymore but she said maybe you can qualify for home so we got us a 3bd 1ba home and we are buying it.  So it belongs to Misty and me and of course the bank we can’t forget the bank. 

Last Monday we had a fire in the woods that burned 83 acres because the winds were blowing 35-45 miles per hour.  We got evaluated about 1PM and could come back to the house until about 615PM the smoke was bad and at one time I thought one of my neighbors was going to lose their house because the fire had jump the fence and gotten really close to his steps by his porch.  (that is the picture I’m sharing with all of you) I had sore lungs until Saturday from the smoke.  The police when they told us to leave they didn’t tell us we had to leave the park so we just went as far as the office and stayed until they told us to go home. 

Now this week on Monday we had tornadoes in OKC we were in a tornado watch but we didn’t have any at all.  Moore, OK I think got the worst even though OKC had some tornado activity I think a total of 51 people so far have died.  Some of those 51 are children. A school in Moore was destroyed and children died in the school there is also missing children and adults.   It is so very sad when anyone dies but it is really bad when they are children I know of 2 of the children because they talked about them yesterday (last night) news one was a 3 grader and the other 4 grader was found in the bottom of some rubble dead.  My prayers, tears and heart goes out to everyone who has lost someone or has lost their home from the tornadoes.  Yesterday tornado was an F5 which means it was the big one.  Y’all be careful and God bless each and every one of you.  I hope there is only wounded left and no more dead I know that isn’t realist but I don’t want to be sad and worried my cousin is up and I hope he is okay.  Well my friend and bloggers it is time for me to hit the rack cause I haven’t been to bed yet and I’m finally getting sleepy which is good.  God bless each and every one of you and say a little pray for the tornado victims.

Red Sox Lady 35