Hello fellow bloggers, family and friends: As most of you know Carl (my hubby) died four years ago today it has taken me that many years to finally honor his final request which was to take him or somehow get him to New England (New Hampshire) so that he might start to enjoy those color changes in the trees when summer starts to turn cooler into autumn.  Well I took his ashes down to the marina during high tide and poured him into the water so that he could catch the gulf streams going out which would happen this morning about 0152.  I figure by now he is probably around the Key Largo, Miami area so he would be on the east side of Florida while I put him in on the west side of Florida.

With the momentum that Tropical depression Bonnie has he should be in the upward part of the east coast and in New Hampshire no later maybe next Monday and I would say by than he should be quite content.  (LOL)

I was miserable when I first thought taking and placing his ashes out in the gulf but I knew this was the most practical solution and it was the only non-money one.  I’m not going to say that it was the easiest thing I have ever done because you who have been reading me for a while would know I would be lying and mostly to myself. I will tell you I think it is the best thing all around for not only him even though I’m sure after four years he doesn’t really care (except to get out of the box) but the rest of us.  I was talking to a friend earlier and told him I was miserable and he told me it would get easier I know it will and it already has because I have voiced it with him and now I feel even better because why you ask I’m blogging and blogging is always best.

Well Guys and Girls thanks just stopping by so that I can burn off a lot of stress, grief and any other stuff that is left over from the last four years.  It will be a little easier I feel simply because I finally got the last request done for Carl even if I didn’t take him personally to New Hampshire he is on his way and he is doing it his way.  I love you all please leave me a comment and let me know what you think.




Blogging isn’t hard it just takes patience, understanding and controlling your temper when others destroy what you have worked hard to create. There was a time when I wanted to find the person who told me I wasn’t much of a blogger and I didn’t have the smarts that God gave to a lion. But now I don’t feel that way for several reasons the most important one is I have other children and I don’t always think that my writings are my babies.
My Mom was a very smart lady it is a pity that she has been gone almost 15 years and I think I realized it about 3 months after she was gone. She might have been able to write a blog or a poem but she sure knew when something was up. I asked one time how she always knew I was in trouble from school, or from a friend’s house and her reply was very simply “you look guilty.” So I stopped asking her how she knew. LOL
I read a lot of different people here on and I have come to a wonderful conclusion even thought a lot of people have been doing it longer and their subject matter is different from mine, I still must be doing something right because they make comments when they can and if they don’t make comments they always like my blogging.
Blogging is a topic that you find you like and belief me I have quite a few, then you write about this topic, others make comments and sometimes those word hurt but they are meant to make you a better blogger. I don’t always agree with my fellow bloggers but one thing I do agree on is the more you blog the better you get. Did you take piano and your piano teacher would come to your house or you would go to hers then at the end of practice she would tell you don’t forget to practice because the more your practice the better you get. So you see it really isn’t hard to blog you really only have to practice and know a little something about writing and of course the main important thing your subject.

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Hello fellow bloggers, friends, and family,

Well I’m back to keep reminding you that since October is here it is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  I know that I have told you all before but breast cancer isn’t just for women anymore it is for men also and it is tough so check those boobs for lumps and if you find one it doesn’t mean that you have cancer it just means you need to have it checked out.   I promise not to nag to much but I don’t want to know that you could have checked and didn’t because you were embarrassed to check.

The house looking isn’t going as well as I thought but I have found one apartment that Misty and I finally agree on.  It is a 2 bed 2 bath and the only thing I don’t like that I can’t change is that it has an electrical stove but most of the one we have looked at have an electrical stove.  (total electric).  It also has a washer and dryer in the unit so we don’t have to go anywhere to wash. Yeah!!  The 2 bath is a plus because then we don’t have to share the whole bathroom just the shower.  LOL

I’m sitting on my bed in the fifth wheel listening to music with Misty she is sitting at the kitchen table with her computer building a castle on mind craft and I’m writing this blog which is about normal she usually has her ear buds in but she is sharing her music with me tonight or should I say this morning since it is already 0145 I wonder where the time has gone?  No matter I’m having fun writing to all of you and Misty is probably having fun doing her thing too.

As most of you know I have been working on a book and I think before long I can surely say I am finished.  My husband Carl if he was still with me would have been proud of me and I’m proud of myself because for a while I didn’t think I would ever finish it.  Before long I can say I have.  Wish me luck  Well my fellow bloggers, friends and family it is time to close for now and maybe get some sleep cause tomorrow (or today) I need to go to the library and get some new books.  Take care and be good to yourself.  Remember I love you.


Hello fellow bloggers, friends and family:

As I sit thinking about day and realize that today wasn’t such a bad day.  Yes I do have bad days and sometimes it is more than one in a period of time but I’m glad to say that my days are getting easier or at least not so bad as they were before.  Yes I miss my Mom, grandma, Nana, sister, uncle and my hubby but all of them are getting easier to understand. Or maybe it’s me who is getting easier to understand I love them all and miss them like crazy wish that here but I know they are in a lot better place with no pain, or suffering and that is why I think I can finally let them go a little more that I had before it does not stop me from wanting them to come back and be here with me but I do know that is my heart talking and not my head.  That is my head does know that it the right thing and best for all party’s involved.  Well there you have some ramblings of a crazy person but I promise you all you in cyberspace it isn’t catchy at least I almost possible that it isn’t no one has ever gotten crazy by reading my blogs before.  LOL

I believe I need to get out a take some pictures so that I can start posting a few of them here and a few of my other places that I blog on.  I have decided that I’m going to get some taken and then I’m going to start posting them on deviant art and see what I can come up with.  Wish me luck.  I have been inspired by a few of you photographer out in cyberspace.  I love taking pictures and I’m so happy with all the pictures I have seen as of late.

Well my friends, fellow bloggers and family I am going to start thinking about what I’m going to take pics of and then I’m going from there.  Don I love your panorama views of your prints that you have been posting.  Don Reese you have been taking lots of pics of boats, buoys and water (marina scenes) which I could live there around that forever more.  David you have been take lots of different types of pics  but I too will be taking pics of my angels so they can give Oliver and Chester a run for their money. LOL  Scott has been taking beautiful landscapes another one of my favorites.  So many more I don’t think I can give anymore names not because I’m being coy but because I can’t remember names. .Sad right!!  Well guys this is all for now and I want to wish you all “Happy Lent” right on up till Easter.  Be careful and God bless my prayers go out to you all and each and everyone of you are in my thoughts .

Red Sox Lady 35



Hello Fellow Bloggers, Friends, and Family:

     We are heading into the last of the race for who is going to play who in the baseball series.  We have some close teams and then we have others in the division that are a long ways away from even getting into the race at all.  By the time we hit October we we be having the race to the pennant and we start getting chilly weather and we start dragging out our autumn sweaters, sweats and other cold weather clothes.  Why you ask to we do this because we love our sports and we have to stay warm so we don’t freeze our fannies off at the baseball and football games.  LOL 

     I love autumn but I really hate the cold….I am more into the changing of the colors in the trees all thoses red, oranges, yellow, and then finally brown when the leaves hit the ground.  But most of what I like about autumn is life I know to you that is a little crazy but hear me out…life is all around us…have you ever wondered how the bear knows when it is time to go to his cave and then not come out until it gets warm?  I don’t know either but it is wonderful for them cause they do know?  What about all those domestic amimals like squirrels, wolves, and what not you get the ideal you don’t really see them during the winter either. 

     Well my friends I am at an end pass because I don’t know what else to say except that I’m really excited to have all of you here to read my blogs and of course I love reading yours right back.  For those of you who do read them thank you so much and for the rest of you read one to see what if you like them….LOL  Well guys and gals thanks and have a wonderful week.  David give my love to Oliver and Chester and I hope you and yours have a wonderful week.