Hello fellow bloggers, family and friends,

As I sit here at my desk with all my wonderful messy stuff around thinking of a topic I haven’t done or one that hasn’t been over done in the pass I think about things which have gone on in my life or friends lives and I wonder just how much we truly know about them or how much the truly let us in to really be there for them.

They have a program now about stopping cancer by praying and I know that pray works miracles but I wonder why it didn’t work for Carl or even my Mom was it because I didn’t pray hard enough or I didn’t take the right tack to make it work or if it just wasn’t suppose to work because it was there time to go to a better place.  For whatever the reason I still believe that pray can help and if we all get into the pray mode that more people would live as long as it’s not there time to go.

My Mom once told me that when God was ready for her she would be ready too and she didn’t want any heroic measures taken she didn’t want to suffer anymore.  Carl was ready to go to after five long years of pain he just wanted the pain to be gone and never come back.

Let’s get on our knees and pray that the find a cure for this awful disease before it takes the life of someone else we know and love.  PLEASE!!!!!!  and THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH.


Hello fellow bloggers, friends and family,

I know it has been a while since I have been here but not from lack of trying.  I have been busy moving back to my hometown in Texas because my next to youngest brother Mark needs me and even though in reason times we have been on the outs because of the person he has chosen to live his life with he is still my brother and I love him.  So basically I feel like I have started life over in the same place where I moved out two years ago.  Carl has been gone for three years this past May and they tell you not to do anything for the first year but grief so I did then I moved out of my brother’s house into my own place with my youngest daughter Misty then after a year we moved to Washington state for a while now I’m back.

I’m happy which is surprising considering I am back in my old room where a lot of my memories are of my husband but it isn’t so bad having those memories now because my brother has been here to help out with them.  Misty moved to Florida to be with her Grams on her Dad’s side of the family because she isn’t doing as well as she could be but she is 96 I hope when I get her age I can still function like her.  LOL

Life is special and you get out of it what you put into it but I have learned something since moving back home and that is if you work hard and you enjoy your life and others around you than you get a lot more out of the life that you are trying to life.  So saying that I have found in this case that moving back here and getting to know myself all over again that change is truly good!!!!

Thank you for sharing my life through my blogs and making life just a little bit sweeter even when sometime life can be trying at best it is still good because all of you make it that way for me.  I love you all.


I have always liked a good mystery and I have really written a lot about 2 of my favorite presidents.  Not because they were brave and they both dealt with the same issue in almost the same way but because they we’re two great men doing extraordinary things for equal rights even back in 1860 when equal rights hadn’t even been thought about.

I’m sure you know some of the similarities between the 2 Presidents but how many of you would get all of those similarities.  Once of the most common ones are that both men had seven letters in their last name.  They were both married in their thirties to women in their twenties. Lincoln was elected to Congress in 1846 and Kennedy to Congress in 1946. Lincoln lost the nomination to become Vice President in 1856 and Kennedy lost the nomination to become Vice President in 1956.  Lincoln became President in 1860 and Kennedy became President in 1960.  Both Mary and Jackie lost of a child while living in the white house.

Both men were shot in the head. Both also shot on a Friday. Assassins and  successors were also Southerners. John Wilkes Booth was born in the 1830′s and died in his 20′s after killing Lincoln he ran from a Theater to a warehouse while Lee Harvey Oswald was born in the 1930′s and he died in his 20′s after killing Kennedy he ran from the warehouse to a theater.  Both Booth and Oswald died while either being arrested or while in police custody.

These great presidents had a lot in common from the abolish of slavery to civil right and that all men are created equal.  If there was any person I could sit down and have a discuss with it would be Lincoln and Kennedy.  I know that was two people but hey they are so similar I’m getting twice as many views for the price of one.  LOL  I hope you have enjoyed my fun facts about Lincoln and Kennedy.

Home in my Hometown

HELLO fellow bloggers, family and friends:  I am back in my hometown and wondering what to do next.  Misty and I are staying at my brothers again but this time it will be temporary because we already have a place to live but it needs a remodel because it was built in 1940’s.  The remodel will take a little time but it will be worth it.  We will both have our own space and we will have our own ROOM!!!!   Trust me we both will be happy for our own space but best of all we both will be happy to be in our own house again.  Don’t get me wrong I really am happy that my daughter was available for both Misty and I in Shelton and that she gave us a roof over our heads and that we got to catch up and I got to know the grandkids but it will be nice to have my own house that I can do with it what I want and when.  LOL

I haven’t told you guys the best part I got my little kitty back which by the way isn’t so small really but man am I a happy camper.  Sox missed Misty and I has much as we missed her and all three of us are happy to have each other back.

Now that I do have my house even though I am not living in there yet I am going to start hitting lots of garage sales and also go to the flea market to see what I can find even if I have to strip paint and redo the item.  It is going to be lots of fun to look for things to go into our home.  We need lots of things.  New mattress for both beds and a bed for the other room because she doesn’t have one.  We both have chest of drawes but I only have a 3 drawer chest while she has a 5 drawer chest which she will need because she has no closet.  LOL  I hang a lot of my clothes up.  We need dishes, glasses, silverware (flatware, bake ware, cook ware, all kinds of stuff for the kitchen we either want a Chief theme, or an apple theme.  I am leaning toward the chief because I think he is so cute.

Now for my bedroom of course you had to know that at least one room of my house would be nautical right.  My bed sheets and comforter is going to be lighthouses, compasses, sailboats, and water of course, the sheets will be a pastel blue with a white stripe.  The comforter also is reversible and on the other side it has red, white, blue and white stripes.  The background on the comforter is a slate gray very light.  My ex lives in Florida and I want him to pick me up some sea shells and some fish netting.  Then I can take some vases and put the sea shells in them put them all over the house including my bedroom while the netting I want to put in the corner and place the thousands of stuff animals that my hubby, friends, family and others have given me over the years.  I want to keep maybe one on there so I can still have Carl there in spirit after all it is a new place he has never been or lived.  Misty wants her bedroom in cowboy or rustic she hasn’t decided but whatever she decides it will be great because she has put her mark on it.

Well friends it is that time again to shut it down and wait for replies.  You all have a great week and don’t forget that Mother’s Day is on the 12th of May, your wife will be surprised that you remembered without her beating you on the head to remind her.  LOL  Please for gosh sakes don’t forget your Mom….if you are still so lucky to still have her.  God bless all of you and Happy Mother’s Day all you Mom’s out there.

Legal News coverage of #LMA15 presentation – and home again in #Indiana

okay …….glad you could share with the rest of us.

Reel Roy Reviews

Thanks to the Detroit Legal News for this coverage of my upcoming presentation – alongside Gina Rubel, Heather Morse, and Megan McKeon – at the national Legal Marketing Association conference.  You can find out more about LMA at legalmarketing.org – here’s a scan of the article and the full text follows …

(Congratulations also to my colleague Marcy Ford and her recognition here as a recipient of the inaugural “Career Mastered: Women’s Leadership in Action” award in Southeast Michigan!)

Marcy Ford and Roy Sexton April 2015 Detroit Legal News

IMG_1410Trott Law, a Farmington Hills-based real estate finance law firm, announced today that Senior Vice President of Corporate Affairs Roy Sexton has been selected to participate in a panel on legal marketing at the 2015 Legal Marketing Association (LMA) Annual Conference. The conference will take place on April 13-15 at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront in San Diego, California.

As the authority for legal marketing that brings together marketing and business development professionals…

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San Diego, Part the Second: San Diego Zoo, Jimmy Kimmel, Disneyland, La Jolla seals, Hollywood … and dirty jokes

Thought I would let others see what a hard worker you are when you’re working and playing. LOL Glad you had a wonderful time.

Reel Roy Reviews

1 Zoo Kids2 Zoo Kids 2Earlier this week, I gave you a glimpse into my “professional” side (or as professional as I ever get), sharing some material from my presence at the 30th annual Legal Marketing Association national conference in San Diego.

5 PandasBut I also promised I would share some of the tacky tourist-y stuff ‘cause if there’s anything this blog does well, it’s tacky! (Loads of photos documenting these adventures can be found here.)

3 Zoo Kids 3During some rare downtime at the conference, my talented, silly, kind-hearted, slightly nutty pals Lindsay Griffiths, Gail Lamarche, Nancy Myrland, and Laura and Josh Toledo (along with yours truly) spent an afternoon at the internationally renowned San Diego Zoo. (Remember watching the zoo’s countless animal ambassadors as some of Johnny Carson’s most memorable guests on The Tonight Show throughout the 70s and 80s? I sure do.)

Now, as a pretty vocal animal rights proponent, I’m not generally a…

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Good morning my fellow bloggers, friends and family I know it has been a while since I have been on this site but I have plenty to tell you so I will begin by telling you that I have not been sitting still. I have been taking some photos having some fun with that for about a month or so. Next I have been getting ready to move back to Texas to spend some time with my brother and help him get through a rough patch. I am hoping to find lots of things to keep me happy taking photographs of in my hometown. I have been away for almost a year just maybe I will have a fresh eye to see things through this time around. I haven’t given up on blogging in fact I love it more than ever. Another thing is that my son in law Troy has gotten me hooked and that is the best way to say it hooked on a game which is on Facebook called “Transport Empire” it’s about trains, boats, and air blimps (planes). You start off with a city and you build it up as you go. It is crazy, fun and you get hooked and want to play all the time but you can’t spend your life on Facebook when you have things to do. LOL
Now let’s catch up a little more. I left Shelton on Friday 3 April 2015 after getting a late start but that was okay I wasn’t in that big of a hurry. I took my time saw a few things that I hadn’t seen the whole time I had been in Washington which was good and nice also. I went down through Portland, OR across to Boise, ID down to Salt Lake City, Utah over to Cortez, CO so I wouldn’t have to go into Denver and then down then on down to Albuquerque, NM and finally into Texas where I stopped at the truck stop at I40E and 287S in Amarillo to get gas and to get out of the truck for a little while. When I finish writing this I will heading out to go to Wichita Falls which is about another 2 hours then I’m hitting the showers and falling face down in a bed for little bit then I will need to get up and unload the beast and return it to where it is due back on Thursday. Then I will be done with moving until I help my middle daughter Jenny move back to South Carolina next year. But that won’t be for a while thank goodness. I got the truck turned in on time and found out some sad news about another friend who has died.
You guys and gals don’t know happy I am to be out of that truck and be standing or laying on something that doesn’t move. LOL My daughter Jen, the girls and Julian will be going to Wichita Mountains and the last place I want to go is to the mountains again this soon so I won’t be going not that I was invited. LOL
Well my friends, fellow bloggers and family I guess that is all for now you all hang in there be good to yourselves, family, your animals and friends. Remember that I love you and am glad that you are here.


Every year I write a little something about Mom so that she knows that we haven’t forgotten her this year I’m a couple days late not because I forgot or got busy but because this year seemed to be the hardest so far. I love you more today than the day you left us not because you wanted too but you had not choice in the matter it was your time to go.
Just know that there isn’t a day or a minute that goes by that you aren’t thought about and loved. Now if you want to come down here and do your brand of punishment then I know a certain young man who’s name you won’t need but just know he has been a very bad boy for the last couple of years and he needs an attitude adjustment badly and it is only the type you can hand out because he doesn’t listen to anyone else. Good luck with that.
Bye Mom give my love to all and be good as you can. Mark, Misty, Chris, and I all love you and miss you lots and lots.