7 Years on WordPress.Com

Thank you, WordPress for making this anniversary a memorable one.  7 years writing blogs is in itself a milestone but I couldn’t have done it without your support and without all of the people on wordpress.com who follow me and read my blogs on regular basic thank you ever so much.

Life has been hard and it is has been interesting but it has also been rewarding because my writing as always taken me to places that I have only dreamed about in my mind and you as my readers have helped keep me stable and happy in the midst of tears, drama, heartbreak, and loss so thank you again from the bottom of my heart.  God bless you all.



Mom’s birthday is tomorrow and she would have been turning 85 years old.  She will be having her party up in heaven with all of her brothers, sisters, mom, dad, aunts, uncles, cousins, and all the others who have gone on before and after her since she has been gone.  I often wonder up there how much time has passed like this birthday marks the 19 birthdays that we have missed with her I wonder if it has been but a blink of an eye for her since she has been there or if it seems like a lifetime.  She will be giving my granny advice on how to beat my Nana on playing rummy cause my Nana always wins it seems no matter who she plays.   It seems like March used to be a busy month for birthdays it really still is but the birthdays are a lot more heavenly now than they use to be.  Moms birthday is tomorrow, my Aunt Betty’s birthday was the 5 of March,  Carl’s birthday is the 11 of March and I have 2 nieces and a nephew who have all passed whose birthdays are also in March and that last but not least the father of my children his birthday is on 24 of March but he is still with us alive and not so well but hanging in there, my grandson Nick birthday is also in March on the 3rd.

My Aunt Betty’s birthday was 3 days ago and I still miss her so much she was closer to my age and we both liked a lot of the same things so it was pretty awesome.  I can’t believe that she has been gone since 1986 she was really only 13 years older she would have been 75 years old she too is up there in heaven playing cards, Yahtzee, Chinese checkers, and any number of other games that we have always played at her house.  She was my Uncle Chuck’s wife.  I used to go on vacation with them all the time and always had the best time.

My grandson, Nick whose birthday is on the 3 of March is a great kid and a real character but that is okay he is a good kid kind of reminds me of his Mom sometimes.  But we will try not to say to that too much.  LOL

Carl’s birthday is coming up on the 11 of March and he will be turning 66 years old and he will be gone for 6 years come May 30 of this year.  It just doesn’t seem like that much time has passed already.  But my heart knows it though.  He is missed just like my Mom, aunt, my nephew and 2 nieces I would give anything to tell them each one more time how much they are loved and missed here on earth but I am sure that already know it and that they hear our prayers when loved ones are coming home to heaven to our heavenly father and all the relatives who have gone before them.

It is a little strange for me this year to be writing this for all my loved ones when I usually write it for just my Mom but this whole year has been a little different and I felt like I needed to pay tribute to all of my loved ones who have been gone and if the ones here who are still with us just that would know that my thoughts are with them as well.  My ex-husband his birthday is coming up also on the 24 he too will be 66 and he is looking forward to that day.  Now that is looking forward to being a year older but hey what can I say another year older is always another year wiser or so they tell me right?

This has been a really unusual couple of months because anything that you can think of happening has probably happened but not always to the good but I am going to chalk it up to the weird weather, Easter falling on April fool’s day and uncommon chain of events beyond any kind of control for mankind.  Wow, what strange thing to say Easter on April Fool’s Day but this has happened before and it will happen again.  Here are the dates that it has and will again:

Just an FYI: Easter and April Fool’s Day have coincided in 1714, 1725, 1736, 1804, 1866, 1877, 1888, 1923, 1934, 1945, 1956, and will coincide again in 2018, 2029, 2040, 2108, 2170, 2181, 2192, 2238, 2249, 2260, 2306, 2317, 2328.

Thank you once again for reading my blog I hope you have enjoyed reading as much as I have enjoyed writing it.  Take care of yourselves and God bless you all be safe.  Mom and Misty when she was 10this is Mom Chris (Fern C. Kelly) and Misty when she was 10 years old


I sit here at my desk and think about whether it is worth making a resolution to which I probably won’t keep or will for a little while and then fall back into the same old habits again.  I have set them in the past and barely even gotten out of February or sometimes I have made it till May but never actually made my whole goal that I have set.  Maybe this time I could make them simple so that they will be easier to manage.  Now there is a great ideal wonder if it would even work.  Or maybe it would work if I had a buddy do the goals with me.

I don’t know what if any goals to set but if I were to set them here would be just a few I think I would set and I think I could do on my own without needing a buddy to help keep me in line because I do them most of the time

anyway, I just don’t do them continually.


  1. I would want to write in my journal more often instead of only at night.
  2. I think I would like to be a better friend than I was last year. More around more.
  3. I would like to be a more giving sister than I have been to my brothers and in turn I would like them to be more giving as well.
  4. I think I would like to be less house bound than I have been maybe get out to see people.
  5. Finally, is trying to be more available for my children even though I am plenty accessible I think.


Now if I were to set goals for a buddy which I not sure that I have even heard of buddy resolutions before I would only have one and I would know the right person to ask.  That goal is to lose weight and the person I would ask would be Connie O’Neal because I know she would be willing to help me meet my goal.  Because we have already talked about this and discussed, and she is the right person to help me stay motivative she will also cheer me on as I meet each milestone along the way.  Those are the type of goals I can get behind and stay behind because those type of goals don’t fail because you don’t fail.  It makes life more interesting and it makes life better too.  Not that I’m not happy with life causes I am it is just dang hard sometimes to always fail at making goals and knowing that no matter how hard one words you are never going to win.  This way we all win you and your buddy because you both are helping each other do something you both are trying to do and you both cheer each other on.


I have this way of thinking that God puts you with certain people at certain times in your life because that person needs you or you need them so far in my life I have been right.  I have known Connie over a year now and I met her through Facebook she sales a product TruVision it is a great and wonderful product and it has helped a lot of people and it continues to help people.  I want to tell you check out her Facebook business page if you have questions leave her a message she will contact you back and answer all your questions she is an awesome lady plus the product is too.  The name of her business page is Connie’s TruCorner check it out.


Now I suppose you are wondering if I get a payback from sending people her way the answer is no it is something I believe in and I believe in her to, so I am just letting you check out a business page on Facebook.  Thank you if you do or don’t check it out but it would be nice if you did.  Anyway, I suppose I have taken up enough of your time and it is way past my bedtime it is 0208 and I should have been in bed almost an hour ago but this thing as been clicking in my head, so I thought I need to write while it was working well.


I wish you good luck with your own goals for 2018 mine don’t seem to be to hard this year so maybe just maybe I might make them.  I hope you all meet all of yours as well.   Thanks for reading!!   God bless you all.New-Year-Resolution-Messages-motivational-2018


Hello fellow bloggers, family and friends: Before I start my blog today I want to address to things first if you are not registered to vote please go out and do so.  This election is all about finding the right person for the job.  Who has the best qualities to be President of the United States of America and which of them have what it takes to stay in there and doing what is best for the American people.

Second is that I want to send my prayers and thoughts to all of the friends, family and fellow bloggers of the wonderful, thoughtful Paul Curran he was a very great person and he will be truly missed.

I have always like writing this blog since I started on wordpress because it helps me to keep up with my family, friends and of course other bloggers and let them all know what is happening in my life and to let them know that things are good or bad or whatever the case might be however I have been spending a lot of time on my other side and trying to get things done in my life outside of cyberspace.  (hey it can happen)

Anyway we had the holiday at the beginning of October, it is a month of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the run for the World Series and autumn has started so finally the temperatures are starting to cool off slowly for us.   Here in Florida today so far has been beautiful the low when I got up was 61 degrees out and right now it is almost 11AM and it’s about 72 degree with a very nice light breezes.  We have all the windows open.  It is really comfortable.   Today is another holiday Columbus Day not the original of course since that is the 12 October.  Last but not least not this Saturday but the following one is my birthday then we have Halloween then we will be into November and the election is that close wow where as the time got to.

I hope your team is still doing good in the run for the bragging rights to the World Series. I have been much happier lately I think it might be the new man in my life he is awesome, very good to me and he treats me like I’m his whole world.  It is a great feeling.




Hello fellow bloggers, family and friends: As most of you know Carl (my hubby) died four years ago today it has taken me that many years to finally honor his final request which was to take him or somehow get him to New England (New Hampshire) so that he might start to enjoy those color changes in the trees when summer starts to turn cooler into autumn.  Well I took his ashes down to the marina during high tide and poured him into the water so that he could catch the gulf streams going out which would happen this morning about 0152.  I figure by now he is probably around the Key Largo, Miami area so he would be on the east side of Florida while I put him in on the west side of Florida.

With the momentum that Tropical depression Bonnie has he should be in the upward part of the east coast and in New Hampshire no later maybe next Monday and I would say by than he should be quite content.  (LOL)

I was miserable when I first thought taking and placing his ashes out in the gulf but I knew this was the most practical solution and it was the only non-money one.  I’m not going to say that it was the easiest thing I have ever done because you who have been reading me for a while would know I would be lying and mostly to myself. I will tell you I think it is the best thing all around for not only him even though I’m sure after four years he doesn’t really care (except to get out of the box) but the rest of us.  I was talking to a friend earlier and told him I was miserable and he told me it would get easier I know it will and it already has because I have voiced it with him and now I feel even better because why you ask I’m blogging and blogging is always best.

Well Guys and Girls thanks just stopping by so that I can burn off a lot of stress, grief and any other stuff that is left over from the last four years.  It will be a little easier I feel simply because I finally got the last request done for Carl even if I didn’t take him personally to New Hampshire he is on his way and he is doing it his way.  I love you all please leave me a comment and let me know what you think.


MOM 3-9-33 to 9-5-00

Hello family, fellow bloggers and friends:  It’s that time again to wish my Mom Happy Birthday today would have been 83 years young.  She didn’t get to watch her oldest great grandson turn 18 nor will she been at her oldest great granddaughter graduation in May of the year.  She has been missing a lot since she has been gone but no matter what we still all think about her a lot and still miss and love her every day.

I have a habit of wondering what it would be like to still have her with us and enjoying the company of her but then I remember that she was in lots of pain before she had to leave us and I wouldn’t want her in pain plus I know I’m being selfish by wanting her to be here.  She is up in heaven with my Grandma, Nana, and all the others who have gone on before and after her so I know that she is surrounded by family and her friends who have gone too.

Mom I hope you have a great birthday today and I will be seeing you soon.  I love you and miss you every day.  Everyone is doing okay and missing you too.  Mark is still at the paper however you always said if he retired the paper would fall apart I’m starting to think you might be right on that score.  Well Mom that is all for now take care and thanks for everything.