Hello fellow bloggers, friends and family:  As I sit this morning drinking my coffee as I do most mornings I realize that baseball season at least spring training is almost upon us which brings at least to my mind house spring cleaning.  You start thinking about getting some of your light weight clothes out of boxes and packing up heavier clothes like parkas even you need that kind of heavy if not maybe your most heaviest coat which is no longer needed.  Also in my house it also time to dig out the old rug shampooer and start shampooing carpets one room at a time till they are all done but like most of you I try to do that more often then two times a year.  LOL

Now as far as spring training goes I quite interested in what the Soxs are going to do this year to their line up.  They did fairly good at the beginning of the season then somewhere around the middle half they fell apart.  I also wonder if the Royals or Mets will do anything different since they both ended up in the World Series.  If they do what?  The Royals won 4 out of 5 games in the Series so they had a strong game overall but the one game that the Mets won 9-3 at home at Citifield so they were familiar with the stadium which didn’t really make that much difference to me because they placed a heck of a game.

Now if there was a choice for me to either watch baseball or do spring cleaning I would take watching baseball, one it is so much more fun and two it is less taxing on one’s body.  LOL  So for all of us who love baseball more that spring cleaning good for us and those who like spring cleaning good for you however in my case I have no choice I must do both one because I love it and one because it needs done.

Good luck to all of the teams this year starting out in spring training.  Can’t wait for opening day when the season starts and may the best team win.  GO RED SOXS let’s do something this year!!!!!!!!!





Blogging isn’t hard it just takes patience, understanding and controlling your temper when others destroy what you have worked hard to create. There was a time when I wanted to find the person who told me I wasn’t much of a blogger and I didn’t have the smarts that God gave to a lion. But now I don’t feel that way for several reasons the most important one is I have other children and I don’t always think that my writings are my babies.
My Mom was a very smart lady it is a pity that she has been gone almost 15 years and I think I realized it about 3 months after she was gone. She might have been able to write a blog or a poem but she sure knew when something was up. I asked one time how she always knew I was in trouble from school, or from a friend’s house and her reply was very simply “you look guilty.” So I stopped asking her how she knew. LOL
I read a lot of different people here on WordPress.com and I have come to a wonderful conclusion even thought a lot of people have been doing it longer and their subject matter is different from mine, I still must be doing something right because they make comments when they can and if they don’t make comments they always like my blogging.
Blogging is a topic that you find you like and belief me I have quite a few, then you write about this topic, others make comments and sometimes those word hurt but they are meant to make you a better blogger. I don’t always agree with my fellow bloggers but one thing I do agree on is the more you blog the better you get. Did you take piano and your piano teacher would come to your house or you would go to hers then at the end of practice she would tell you don’t forget to practice because the more your practice the better you get. So you see it really isn’t hard to blog you really only have to practice and know a little something about writing and of course the main important thing your subject.

A New Book Reviews on all types of Movies

Hello my friends, family and fellow bloggers,

I got a very interesting book  delivered to my house by UPS.  The book was from a friend of mine and it was his reviews on all types of movies good and bad (the movies not the reviews).  I started reading right after the delivery which was around 830PM or so.  I am now over 1/2 through it and it is wonderful.  If you want a copy of your own you can pick it up at amazon.  The name of the book is “Reel Roy Reviews” Volume 1: Keepin’ it Real. The most important is the authors name is Roy Sexton.

As most of you know that if you follow my blogs I talk a lot about my family well Henry was in the hospital again because irregular arrhythmia when they admitted him his heart rate was 450 beats as you know was very high.  The doctors gave him medicine to bring his heart rate while they were bring the heart rate down they were bring the blood pressure down also and it got so low that the machine they use could not read it. They had to take his Blood Pressure manually which is good but can sometime bad because the new batch of nurse have trouble hearing the bp sounds and they get things worse instead of better but at least the nurse he had on 9th floor knew what to do and how to do it.

Well guys and gals this is going to be short because I need to figure out what I’m cooking for supper.  I hope it is something I want because I haven’t been hungry the last couple of days.  You all have a great weekend and Happy reading!!

Red Sox Lady 35


“Mars” The Cat

“Mars the Cat”



I have a cat named “Mars” He is such a wonderful and curious cat.  I have found him in places that most animals cannot even get to.  For example: he loves to play on the fireplace mantel, on top of the island of the sink, and even on the top of the TV in the living room.  “Mars” is just like a hero who has supernatural powers whom you would want in your in your corner in a very dark alley.  Throughout history cats like my “Mars” have been favorites of the Gods and Goddess to the point of worship.  My “Mars” is quite special he listens to my problems and never tells my secrets.  I’m not so sure but every now and then “Mars” seems to disappear like in a thin air but always seems to return about feeding time. While all of this is happening throughout the house that he “Mars” loves to play in. 

“Mars” is loyal cat and enjoys playing with family and his friends.  His favorite toys are his catnip mouse and playing with a plastic bag.  “Mars” is very sociable cat in as much as cats can be sociable. “Mars” is a tabby whose colors are tan, gray, and white on all feet with white below his chin.  He is very unique he has his own attitude toward all things…for example if he does not like you he will let out a furious growl and if that has not caught your attention he will furiously attack you to get his point across. 

“Mars” if he lived during Egyptian time he would have been loved and cherished by Baset the Goddess of moon and also the Goddess of cats.  (Encyclopedic of Mythica and Egyptian mythology) In Egypt time cats they were such big deals that if one died their bodies were separated and buried apart to keep from returning and haunting their masters. So even though he would be cherished and loved it might not be a such a great ideal for “Mars” to live in that time period because of how the Egyptian do away with the body of the cats. 

I beat you might wonder about his supernatural powers: he has a wonderful power that I wished I had it is the ability to read one’s mind also he has the ability to leap tall objects with little to no effort.  Sometimes having super powers gets you in lots of trouble.  Having powers all the time you sometimes take them for grant.  For example: you forget and you upset the God and Goddess with little effort.  While talking about the moon one day “Mars” was telling his friends that the moon had nothing on the sun.  The sun’s powers were brighter by far then moon and always would be.  The Goddess of moon heard the conservation and called him before the council of the Gods. “Mars” had never been in trouble before so he was not sure what to do but he knew that if he lost he would die.

“Mars” had to think about what he was going to say to the Gods and Goddess because he knew beyond anything else it would set procedure for the next generation to come.  It would also set the precedent for what was brighter the sun or moon among his cat friends and the rest of Egypt.

The God and Goddess who made up this council was Re (the god of sun), Ash (god of the desert), Horus (catchall god, son of Iris), Bastet (goddess of moon and cats), Iris (knowledge), Hathor (destruction of mankind) and last in case of tie break Meretseger (silence). “Mars” knew he was in trouble with all of these gods and goddess on the council.

“Ladies and gentlemen, Gods and Goddesses I stand before you not just a mere cat but one whose live is in jeopardy.  I want to first tell Goddess Bastet I meant no disrespect about what I said about the moon only that the sun rays were brighter in my opinion than the light of the moon at night. The moon is no less beautiful than the sun is hot or that one is more or less brighter or anything else for that matter.  I never wanted to offend the very people who can determine what will happen to me.  My fate is not only in your hands but you will be setting a new precedent for centuries to come.  If Bastet thought that I had offend her then now please God of Sun Re please don’t think I’m doing the same to you now because I’m not.  When a person and/or cat makes observations we make a point to compare one thing to another it is how we learn comparisons. If I must die I will die with honor, dignity, and most of all I hope to die with the respect of all my friends.” 

“Mars” was leaving the podium Iris stopped him and asked “are you asking us to believe that you think your young and naïve or are you asking us to believe that you did nothing wrong?”  “Mars” turn back to the podium and said I’m not asking you to think I young and naïve or that I did nothing wrong what I want you to know is that you have my fate in your hands and that no matter what I believe or don’t believe you hold the key to the answer. “Will I live or will I die.”

“Mars” did leave the podium then and walked outside where it had been raining most of the day while he waiting for six important people or seven people if it turn into a tie breaker his fate.  Few of his friends came out to meet him and tell him that thought the Gods would listen and he did a great job.  It took about forty-five minutes and the council was through and someone came to get “Mars”.  He headed for the podium again he could not tell by looking at the council what his fate was.  The Gods asked him before we tell you what will be your fate we have one question.  “If you were in the same situation would you do the same thing again?  He looked up at the council and looked them each in their faces one at a time and then he replied without any hesitation of any kind “Yes I would.”  The Gods looked at one another and then they all smiled down on “Mars” and said “Mars” you are darn lucky cat because had you said that you would have changed your mind then we would have put you to death but because we feel you did not mean any kind of disrespect or offense then we have decided to let you live.  However there is one condition and that condition must be followed to the letter of the law.  If at any time it is determined you do not follow through then the council will find you in contempt and you will receive a harsh judgment.  You must spent time with both Re and Bastet.  “Mars” said no problem it would be an honor. 

Suddenly a loud noise bangs somewhere off the podium area and every one turns to look and Mars wakes up and realizes that he is in his cat bed in his master’s living room and there are no friends, gods, goddess or is he really in Egypt.  He is in his home where he belongs and he has no powers at all.