Yesterday I left my house to come from Lynn Haven to Chipley to spend a couple of days with my daughter and my son in law.  It was a short ride of about one hour because traffic was slow.  We did a stop for gas and refreshments of course I believe any trip regardless of length one must stop along the way for something to drink.

This is the first time I have been to my daughter’s house since coming back to Florida 6 months ago.  She lives in a nice place and she and my son in law have found a nice neighborhood to live in.  It has some old houses on the block with a few wraparound porches on them.  I love the old porches don’t you?

Tomorrow we will be going to a soccer game and then taking pictures of the little girl who doesn’t know she is to be queen in some form for the league.  That is an honor for her and she will be very excited.

I will be taking pictures of the wraparound porch on my favorite house here in Chipley and we will be on the beach tomorrow for the game so I will have some pictures of the water which I will be posting also.  Until I’m back tomorrow I will be wishes each and everyone of you a wonderful day and weekend.




Hello fellow bloggers, family and friends: Before I start my blog today I want to address to things first if you are not registered to vote please go out and do so.  This election is all about finding the right person for the job.  Who has the best qualities to be President of the United States of America and which of them have what it takes to stay in there and doing what is best for the American people.

Second is that I want to send my prayers and thoughts to all of the friends, family and fellow bloggers of the wonderful, thoughtful Paul Curran he was a very great person and he will be truly missed.

I have always like writing this blog since I started on wordpress because it helps me to keep up with my family, friends and of course other bloggers and let them all know what is happening in my life and to let them know that things are good or bad or whatever the case might be however I have been spending a lot of time on my other side and trying to get things done in my life outside of cyberspace.  (hey it can happen)

Anyway we had the holiday at the beginning of October, it is a month of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the run for the World Series and autumn has started so finally the temperatures are starting to cool off slowly for us.   Here in Florida today so far has been beautiful the low when I got up was 61 degrees out and right now it is almost 11AM and it’s about 72 degree with a very nice light breezes.  We have all the windows open.  It is really comfortable.   Today is another holiday Columbus Day not the original of course since that is the 12 October.  Last but not least not this Saturday but the following one is my birthday then we have Halloween then we will be into November and the election is that close wow where as the time got to.

I hope your team is still doing good in the run for the bragging rights to the World Series. I have been much happier lately I think it might be the new man in my life he is awesome, very good to me and he treats me like I’m his whole world.  It is a great feeling.



Hello fellow bloggers, friends and family:  I am sitting here in my room thinking about what to do with the layout of where things should go in it.  But I am thinking about a deeper rooted issues also.  I am not sure if I would call it a major issue yet but it has me thinking so it might become one in the future.  LOL  I have met a guy whom I haven’t met yet at least physically we have been talking now for a while but it is still a short time for me.  He seems to be nice, he is polite and he is interesting which is more than I can say for a few people I have known for 20 years or more.  But sometimes when we are chatting he gets to be silent doesn’t say anything and all of a sudden he isn’t there anymore however I do have to think that he is a soldier and he is in a bad situation so he could’ve had to take measure to be safe.

He sometimes is irritable but that is true with all men and again he isn’t in the safest of places at the moment.  When we first started talking he was stationed in Japan but about 3 days ago I think it was he was deployed over to Africa. Which part isn’t necessary I guess cause I know that I have to be careful with what I say because of safety for all concern.  He isn’t what I expected but he could very well be what I want.  I never expected after the things I found out about him and my brother’s girlfriend to feel this way but the problem with that is how do I know what I’m feeling is real afterall I haven’t met him or him me.  He won’t be back home until December sometime unless of course this deployment has pushed that further out now.  Life sure takes some strange and interesting turns sometimes.  I guess I don’t really want advice I know that I need to be careful because I haven’t met him yet but I do know that he is in the military and he is stationed in Africa where he says he was.  He hasn’t lied about those facts and those are usually the facts that get messed up at least have been in my case.

Now back to my room when you come into in …. the closet takes up a good piece of the left side and then you have a empty space where is where I want to put my bed and then I want to put my desk where my computer sits facing out with my back to the wall so the light from my computer won’t shine out in the hallway at night if I have my door open so I can hear Mom yell if she needs anything but the light won’t bother her.  Plus I can see my “Wall of Fame” better from across the room looking straight out instead of my back to it.

Well I have a new friend her name is Connie actually I have several but she has been my friend now for almost a year and she is losing weight with a new product not for her but for me and I have been following her results which are awesome.  She is a military wife just very nice plus I can talk with her about my military background even other things that I haven’t even talked with my best friend about without any hesitation I believe God put her in my life for a reason at this time.  I don’t know what that is yet she believes that too but we are willing to wait and see just what that might be.  She is one of the bravest people I know.  She spends a lot of time alone while her husband is deployed and the other half of time when he returns being a wife I know that takes gusts and understanding from both side of the line.  I respect both parties so much.  Hang in there Connie God will get us both through my emotional garbage.

I want to wish you all a good week this week.  For Connie and Tony who will be leaving on Friday to visit with family have a wonderful time on your trip and come home rested and have fun with your granddaughter.  Love all of you thanks for listening to this old lady ramble about stuff again.  God bless you all.


Hello fellow bloggers, friends and family:  Just wanted to catch up on the happenings at the Kelly-Heinzelman household.  First off my brother seems to be gaining weight again which with his skinny self is really great doctors still aren’t sure what caused the weight lost but they have their suspect but aren’t telling.  Second, I will be moving east to Florida in the panhandle on the 3rd of May yes I know it is just right around the corner but it will be okay.  I will be online and let you guys know how things are going and of course I will still be taking my photos and I will have a lot more places to chose from plus I will have that big gulf coast.  (LOL)

I’m going for two good reasons or I would stay here and go on about my business.  Misty is there and also my ex-husband and ex-mother in law who is having some health issues and he needs some relief help which I don’t mind helping out after all they were there for me when Carl passed away four years ago this May.  They both let me come stay with them for a whole month while I grieved so I wouldn’t worry  nether one of my daughters or my brothers cause it was really rough going for a while and I was fit for even my own company.  I also will be getting to meet my son-in-law for the very first time when Misty went back to Florida last year to be closer to her Grams she ran into Shane and they got together and have been ever since.  I’m happy for both of them and glad that she is happy for the first in who knows when.

I will posting a lot more of my photos so that will be good for all of us.  You guys can see my work and I will be doing something I love.  For now I think it is time to go and write on my other site.  Have a wonderful week and God bless you all.  Love ya lots and lots.




Hello my fellow bloggers, family and friends:

Last night Misty called to tell me that she is having lots of issues and normally I try to keep these issues to myself and try to help her work them out but I think I would be asking for a miracle because until all the test is in the doctors aren’t quite sure but it never hurts to pray so that is what I’m asking of all of you in cyberspace to do for Misty is to say a big pray that she doesn’t have cancer and it is only the bladder sling eroding not something more life threatening.

I lost my husband Carl it will be 4 years in May to lung cancer and I’m not ready to lose my daughter to some other cancer when she isn’t even out of 30’s yet.  I know I have lost others younger but please Lord don’t take my baby cause she is the baby of our family.  Please say lots of prayers for us (or her) she will need them to stay positive for the road ahead if it is cancer.

Thank you ahead of time for all your support and prayers they are all greatly appreciated.




Hello fellow bloggers, friends and family:  As I sit this morning drinking my coffee as I do most mornings I realize that baseball season at least spring training is almost upon us which brings at least to my mind house spring cleaning.  You start thinking about getting some of your light weight clothes out of boxes and packing up heavier clothes like parkas even you need that kind of heavy if not maybe your most heaviest coat which is no longer needed.  Also in my house it also time to dig out the old rug shampooer and start shampooing carpets one room at a time till they are all done but like most of you I try to do that more often then two times a year.  LOL

Now as far as spring training goes I quite interested in what the Soxs are going to do this year to their line up.  They did fairly good at the beginning of the season then somewhere around the middle half they fell apart.  I also wonder if the Royals or Mets will do anything different since they both ended up in the World Series.  If they do what?  The Royals won 4 out of 5 games in the Series so they had a strong game overall but the one game that the Mets won 9-3 at home at Citifield so they were familiar with the stadium which didn’t really make that much difference to me because they placed a heck of a game.

Now if there was a choice for me to either watch baseball or do spring cleaning I would take watching baseball, one it is so much more fun and two it is less taxing on one’s body.  LOL  So for all of us who love baseball more that spring cleaning good for us and those who like spring cleaning good for you however in my case I have no choice I must do both one because I love it and one because it needs done.

Good luck to all of the teams this year starting out in spring training.  Can’t wait for opening day when the season starts and may the best team win.  GO RED SOXS let’s do something this year!!!!!!!!!



END OF 2015

As we near the end of 2015 several things come to mind. First that I will be enjoying Christmas with family and friends. Second that it has been a long tough year for a lot of my friends and family also for me. We have lost some love ones and some friends who are gone yet they aren’t far from our thoughts or our hearts. This Christmas Eve mass I would like to say a special prayer for all the soldiers who are still gone that won’t be home for Christmas and probably have no orders for New Years Eve either.

I am hoping for the New Year that it brings us closer to a new beginning and also that it will be a better year for all. That the war will end and all the soldiers who are over there will be coming home to stay for a while. They need to get to know their families and friends again. Of course I’m living in a pipe dream because I know the war isn’t going to be over but it was nice to think it for about 45 seconds or so.

I want to wish each and everyone of you a Merry Merry Christmas and a joyous New Year for 2016 and may all your wishes come true. Oh Yeah !!! I hope that you can do all of your New Year resolutions without giving up on any of them. With all my love from my family to yours on this day 21December2015 Love always Kat!!!!