Happy Birthday Nick

Happy Birthday Nick today is your 18th birthday and you are a man today.  I am so happy for you and very proud of you also.  Life is rough and you have had your fair share of rough but you have a your share of good too.  Something have been beyond my control but I want you to know through it all that no matter what was said when your Mom was pregnant with you I have loved you through all of it.  We all make mistakes and if we didn’t then God would not have sent his son to die that we could be forgiven for them.    I’m sure in life your other Grandma has said things when she has been mad that she hasn’t them count against her.  Just saying not causing issues.  I hope you have a great day and if you want to see me today I’m living with your Great Uncle Mark right off the freeway.  I love you and want nothing more than you to be happy in your life.

A Topiary Tale

My friend and found the pictures most enchanting so much in fact that we want a tote with the owl and a picture of the cat.

BookSmart Kids (and Parental Units too!)


On Grimloch Lane the townspeople look glum and walk with their heads down. But one day all that changed.  In “The Night Gardener” (Simon & Schuster, February 2016), a young boy wakes up to find a most amazing tree sculpture of an owl.  Each day a new and more exciting topiary appears, and the pages of the book suddenly develop color.  After the sixth day of these unique masterpieces, the boy stays out late and spots an older man he has never seen before.  The night gardener engages the boy to become his apprentice. When their work is done, the gardener mysteriously disappears and leaves his cutting shears for the boy.  As the fall approaches, the trees begin to lose their leaves, but the town remains bright and happy.  The drawings in this thoughtful story are enchanting.  A beautiful tale as we all await Spring.

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Hello my fellow bloggers, family and friends:

Last night Misty called to tell me that she is having lots of issues and normally I try to keep these issues to myself and try to help her work them out but I think I would be asking for a miracle because until all the test is in the doctors aren’t quite sure but it never hurts to pray so that is what I’m asking of all of you in cyberspace to do for Misty is to say a big pray that she doesn’t have cancer and it is only the bladder sling eroding not something more life threatening.

I lost my husband Carl it will be 4 years in May to lung cancer and I’m not ready to lose my daughter to some other cancer when she isn’t even out of 30’s yet.  I know I have lost others younger but please Lord don’t take my baby cause she is the baby of our family.  Please say lots of prayers for us (or her) she will need them to stay positive for the road ahead if it is cancer.

Thank you ahead of time for all your support and prayers they are all greatly appreciated.




Hello fellow bloggers, friends and family:  As I sit this morning drinking my coffee as I do most mornings I realize that baseball season at least spring training is almost upon us which brings at least to my mind house spring cleaning.  You start thinking about getting some of your light weight clothes out of boxes and packing up heavier clothes like parkas even you need that kind of heavy if not maybe your most heaviest coat which is no longer needed.  Also in my house it also time to dig out the old rug shampooer and start shampooing carpets one room at a time till they are all done but like most of you I try to do that more often then two times a year.  LOL

Now as far as spring training goes I quite interested in what the Soxs are going to do this year to their line up.  They did fairly good at the beginning of the season then somewhere around the middle half they fell apart.  I also wonder if the Royals or Mets will do anything different since they both ended up in the World Series.  If they do what?  The Royals won 4 out of 5 games in the Series so they had a strong game overall but the one game that the Mets won 9-3 at home at Citifield so they were familiar with the stadium which didn’t really make that much difference to me because they placed a heck of a game.

Now if there was a choice for me to either watch baseball or do spring cleaning I would take watching baseball, one it is so much more fun and two it is less taxing on one’s body.  LOL  So for all of us who love baseball more that spring cleaning good for us and those who like spring cleaning good for you however in my case I have no choice I must do both one because I love it and one because it needs done.

Good luck to all of the teams this year starting out in spring training.  Can’t wait for opening day when the season starts and may the best team win.  GO RED SOXS let’s do something this year!!!!!!!!!



END OF 2015

As we near the end of 2015 several things come to mind. First that I will be enjoying Christmas with family and friends. Second that it has been a long tough year for a lot of my friends and family also for me. We have lost some love ones and some friends who are gone yet they aren’t far from our thoughts or our hearts. This Christmas Eve mass I would like to say a special prayer for all the soldiers who are still gone that won’t be home for Christmas and probably have no orders for New Years Eve either.

I am hoping for the New Year that it brings us closer to a new beginning and also that it will be a better year for all. That the war will end and all the soldiers who are over there will be coming home to stay for a while. They need to get to know their families and friends again. Of course I’m living in a pipe dream because I know the war isn’t going to be over but it was nice to think it for about 45 seconds or so.

I want to wish each and everyone of you a Merry Merry Christmas and a joyous New Year for 2016 and may all your wishes come true. Oh Yeah !!! I hope that you can do all of your New Year resolutions without giving up on any of them. With all my love from my family to yours on this day 21December2015 Love always Kat!!!!


Hello fellow bloggers, friends and family:

It is that time of year again when the World Series starts the first team to win four games while the other team has no games or less than four the team which has four wins.  The World Series is all about bragging rights which league is better the American or National and after it is said and done it will be all over until next April when it starts all over again.

The Kansas City Royals was in the series last year but didn’t win while the New York Mets last major win was in 1986 it will be a rush to see which team can end their rough spot and come out winners in the end.  I’m not really a KC Royal fan nor am I a NY Mets fan but out of the two I suppose I’m more of a Mets fan than a Royal fan but I’m going to wish both teams and fans good luck it will interesting to see who can pull it off and get the best of the other team.  Both teams are good and have a great outfield, pitching staff, and also infield too.

Good luck to all.

National Breast Awareness Month

Hello fellow bloggers, family and friends,

October is upon us and a lot of things happen in the month October.  We have National Breast Awareness Month, we have the run for the pennant to see who will be playing in the World Series, autumn is getting ready to beginning the colorful show of reds, greens, yellows, oranges, and the smell of autumn, Halloween for the kids and last but not least my birthday.

It is important for me to get the awareness of breast cancer out there to every single person because I lost my great-grandma because of this cancer the doctors thought she had a bug bite on her boob and treated her for it by the time they realized she had breast cancer she was gone all within a six month period of time.  My sister had a reduction of her boobs because of a backache all the time within two weeks of the reduction they found lots of lumps on both sides and she had to have a radical on both sides the reduction saved her life.  My Aunt had a partial on his left side.  So you now you understand why I’m trying to get the word out about breast cancer.

I found some pretty images of autumn that are right along the ideal pictures of what I think autumn is all about and also just to share with you my ideal of what autumn is to me.   If I could I would live here all the time and be able to write anything and everything I can.  I wish you all a happy October and may you all have a wonderful Halloween with your children and family.  Best of all have fun watching the World Series and I will put a little humor for all of you who have a huge yard have a little fun with the leaves before you rake them up and put them in the bag.  LOL  Your children will love you more and so will your spouse.

Last on this blog today is I hope your team makes it to the World Series or at least the makes it to the run off.  Good luck to all you baseball fans and to all your teams still in the running.

autumn at the lake
autumn at the lake


Hello fellow bloggers, family and friends,

As I sit here at my desk with all my wonderful messy stuff around thinking of a topic I haven’t done or one that hasn’t been over done in the pass I think about things which have gone on in my life or friends lives and I wonder just how much we truly know about them or how much the truly let us in to really be there for them.

They have a program now about stopping cancer by praying and I know that pray works miracles but I wonder why it didn’t work for Carl or even my Mom was it because I didn’t pray hard enough or I didn’t take the right tack to make it work or if it just wasn’t suppose to work because it was there time to go to a better place.  For whatever the reason I still believe that pray can help and if we all get into the pray mode that more people would live as long as it’s not there time to go.

My Mom once told me that when God was ready for her she would be ready too and she didn’t want any heroic measures taken she didn’t want to suffer anymore.  Carl was ready to go to after five long years of pain he just wanted the pain to be gone and never come back.

Let’s get on our knees and pray that the find a cure for this awful disease before it takes the life of someone else we know and love.  PLEASE!!!!!!  and THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH.


Hello fellow bloggers, friends and family,

I know it has been a while since I have been here but not from lack of trying.  I have been busy moving back to my hometown in Texas because my next to youngest brother Mark needs me and even though in reason times we have been on the outs because of the person he has chosen to live his life with he is still my brother and I love him.  So basically I feel like I have started life over in the same place where I moved out two years ago.  Carl has been gone for three years this past May and they tell you not to do anything for the first year but grief so I did then I moved out of my brother’s house into my own place with my youngest daughter Misty then after a year we moved to Washington state for a while now I’m back.

I’m happy which is surprising considering I am back in my old room where a lot of my memories are of my husband but it isn’t so bad having those memories now because my brother has been here to help out with them.  Misty moved to Florida to be with her Grams on her Dad’s side of the family because she isn’t doing as well as she could be but she is 96 I hope when I get her age I can still function like her.  LOL

Life is special and you get out of it what you put into it but I have learned something since moving back home and that is if you work hard and you enjoy your life and others around you than you get a lot more out of the life that you are trying to life.  So saying that I have found in this case that moving back here and getting to know myself all over again that change is truly good!!!!

Thank you for sharing my life through my blogs and making life just a little bit sweeter even when sometime life can be trying at best it is still good because all of you make it that way for me.  I love you all.