I sit here at my desk and think about whether it is worth making a resolution to which I probably won’t keep or will for a little while and then fall back into the same old habits again.  I have set them in the past and barely even gotten out of February or sometimes I have made it till May but never actually made my whole goal that I have set.  Maybe this time I could make them simple so that they will be easier to manage.  Now there is a great ideal wonder if it would even work.  Or maybe it would work if I had a buddy do the goals with me.

I don’t know what if any goals to set but if I were to set them here would be just a few I think I would set and I think I could do on my own without needing a buddy to help keep me in line because I do them most of the time

anyway, I just don’t do them continually.


  1. I would want to write in my journal more often instead of only at night.
  2. I think I would like to be a better friend than I was last year. More around more.
  3. I would like to be a more giving sister than I have been to my brothers and in turn I would like them to be more giving as well.
  4. I think I would like to be less house bound than I have been maybe get out to see people.
  5. Finally, is trying to be more available for my children even though I am plenty accessible I think.


Now if I were to set goals for a buddy which I not sure that I have even heard of buddy resolutions before I would only have one and I would know the right person to ask.  That goal is to lose weight and the person I would ask would be Connie O’Neal because I know she would be willing to help me meet my goal.  Because we have already talked about this and discussed, and she is the right person to help me stay motivative she will also cheer me on as I meet each milestone along the way.  Those are the type of goals I can get behind and stay behind because those type of goals don’t fail because you don’t fail.  It makes life more interesting and it makes life better too.  Not that I’m not happy with life causes I am it is just dang hard sometimes to always fail at making goals and knowing that no matter how hard one words you are never going to win.  This way we all win you and your buddy because you both are helping each other do something you both are trying to do and you both cheer each other on.


I have this way of thinking that God puts you with certain people at certain times in your life because that person needs you or you need them so far in my life I have been right.  I have known Connie over a year now and I met her through Facebook she sales a product TruVision it is a great and wonderful product and it has helped a lot of people and it continues to help people.  I want to tell you check out her Facebook business page if you have questions leave her a message she will contact you back and answer all your questions she is an awesome lady plus the product is too.  The name of her business page is Connie’s TruCorner check it out.


Now I suppose you are wondering if I get a payback from sending people her way the answer is no it is something I believe in and I believe in her to, so I am just letting you check out a business page on Facebook.  Thank you if you do or don’t check it out but it would be nice if you did.  Anyway, I suppose I have taken up enough of your time and it is way past my bedtime it is 0208 and I should have been in bed almost an hour ago but this thing as been clicking in my head, so I thought I need to write while it was working well.


I wish you good luck with your own goals for 2018 mine don’t seem to be to hard this year so maybe just maybe I might make them.  I hope you all meet all of yours as well.   Thanks for reading!!   God bless you all.New-Year-Resolution-Messages-motivational-2018


    1. it was and I am around starting to write again. I lost my ex-mom in law in August and then got sick myself for a while. been home since July happy to be back in Texas have finally started slowly to take pictures again and write. Hope you had a good New Year with the man himself. All is as it should be. Take care I will be checking in more often now that I am on the mend. ❤

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