It’s been another year added to all the other years you have been gone already.  I still miss you all the time.  I know I want to pick up the phone at least a hundred times a day to call and tell you something that has happened then I remember that you’re not here to answer anymore.  You left us so long ago of course I know you didn’t want to leave but I know that it was better than watching you in pain every day.  God was done with you here on earth and needed your beautiful shining face where he could see that wonderful smile himself every day.

Yes  Mom we are all doing good and taking care of one another as best as we can.  We all love you and wish we could hug you just one last time but we know that there is no more suffering for you and that you’re in a better place.  So you don’t worry about us and you continue to catch up with all the loves who have gone before you and since you have left us.  Give all my love tell JJ, HP and Uncle Chuck that I love them all so very much and miss them and wish that I could have been there with them at the end but I was somewhere else and didn’t know until it was too late.  Give all the others a shout out too but Mom you remember that here on earth you are missed and loved every day for the rest of my days.

This is a little note to my Mom Fern C. Kelly  March 9,1933-September 5, 2000 that all of her children and all who are still living here on earth still think of her every day and miss her too every day.  Thanks Mom

Love all of us,

Kat, Mark, Chris, Misty, Carolyn, Nick, Wesley, JJ, and all the other cousins who are left that I can’t name them all….

14 Replies to “HELLO MOM”

  1. Mom,
    You forgot to mention Shane! LOL Can’t forget my husband. Grandma may not have known him personally but I have been talking about him since kindergarten! LOL She would have liked him, I think. Thank you for mentioning my son James (JJ) But you forgot Kris. It is okay she is up there with him anyway, He left us at the age of 3 because he wanted to see his great-grandma.
    This was very touching Mom. I am sure Grandma loved it. I miss her all the time too and also wish I could call her. Always something to say to her.

    Very nice mom. I am sure she misses us too.
    Love your daughter,
    Misty aka: The Brat!

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  2. Hi Kat,

    What a beautiful tribute to your Mom. I was smiling as I read about you picking up the phone to tell her about your day. I find myself doing that a lot too.

    I hope your happy memories of your Mom will provide you some measure of comfort.


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    1. Nancy, Thank you for stopping by to say hi and reading my blog (letter) to Mom I have lovely memories of her and I love sharing them with everyone this is one of the reason I do this every year… Yes I want her to know that we her children miss her but I want my children, those of my sibling and their children to know to continue to share their feelings and that it’s not a bad thing to do. You have made me feel so much better thanks again Nancy I really appreciate. Thanks for stopping by and please come and visit me again. Both of my sites. Kat


  3. This is beautiful. I can tell how much you love your mum. I’m sure it never gets easier but you know that she’d want to be as happy as you can be.

    I can’t imagine the feeling but I hope each day you think about the things which always made you and your mum smile together.

    Natasha x

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    1. Thanks Natasha, I have some wonderful memories of my Mom, I try to write her something three times a year…Her birthday, Mom’s Day and the day she left us not because I want to remember the pain but because I want her to know she is missed not just on 2 days of the year but all days. I try to keep her a live for grand children and great grandchildren so that will continue to do the same for their own children. This is the best way I know how…my other brothers and sisters don’t write so this is my special way of doing…one of my brothers wanted to plant flowers on her grave and was told he couldn’t so he takes her flowers all the time so that the rest of us just visit and give her our love. that is special…thanks again Natasha have a great week.

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