Hello fellow bloggers, family and friends: As most of you know Carl (my hubby) died four years ago today it has taken me that many years to finally honor his final request which was to take him or somehow get him to New England (New Hampshire) so that he might start to enjoy those color changes in the trees when summer starts to turn cooler into autumn.  Well I took his ashes down to the marina during high tide and poured him into the water so that he could catch the gulf streams going out which would happen this morning about 0152.  I figure by now he is probably around the Key Largo, Miami area so he would be on the east side of Florida while I put him in on the west side of Florida.

With the momentum that Tropical depression Bonnie has he should be in the upward part of the east coast and in New Hampshire no later maybe next Monday and I would say by than he should be quite content.  (LOL)

I was miserable when I first thought taking and placing his ashes out in the gulf but I knew this was the most practical solution and it was the only non-money one.  I’m not going to say that it was the easiest thing I have ever done because you who have been reading me for a while would know I would be lying and mostly to myself. I will tell you I think it is the best thing all around for not only him even though I’m sure after four years he doesn’t really care (except to get out of the box) but the rest of us.  I was talking to a friend earlier and told him I was miserable and he told me it would get easier I know it will and it already has because I have voiced it with him and now I feel even better because why you ask I’m blogging and blogging is always best.

Well Guys and Girls thanks just stopping by so that I can burn off a lot of stress, grief and any other stuff that is left over from the last four years.  It will be a little easier I feel simply because I finally got the last request done for Carl even if I didn’t take him personally to New Hampshire he is on his way and he is doing it his way.  I love you all please leave me a comment and let me know what you think.


5 Replies to “GET ME OUT OF HERE”

  1. First, I am sorry to read about your husband Carl passing. I have given my husband (if I go before him) and my children almost the same instructions. They all thought I was nuts but after many talks and the reason why I wanted to be cremated and my ashes sprinkled in the ocean I finally convinced them. I also do not want a funeral of any type. The only thing I would agree to was that if my children (grand children) and siblings want to go out to dinner to celebrate my life then that is fine with me. My ashes are to be sprinkled in the ocean. I love traveling and just think of all the places I will visit.
    I am sure Carl is joyfully enjoying his hearts desire and lovingly thanking you.

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    1. Thank you none of my friends understood any of that and you a complete stranger understood why I only had a memorial at his favorite watering hole and then didn’t do anything for 4 years. Partly cause I didn’t have the money but mainly cause I was still trying to deal with the grief of loss, angry, feeling of being left and all the other things that come with grief. It is so refreshing not to have to explain anything you are only the 4 person I didn’t have to explain my reasoning and my anything with. So thanks again. Come back and read me again I do have another site here too it is Rambling Thoughts/lighthousekat you might light to check it out too.

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      1. When you do what’s in your heart there is no need to for explanation to any one. We might not all have the same beliefs but should always respect each other with love.
        I will visit your Rambling Thoughts and look forward to reading your offerings.
        Wishing you a Blessed Christmas and a wonderful New Year filled with love.


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