Hello fellow bloggers, friends and family:  Just wanted to catch up on the happenings at the Kelly-Heinzelman household.  First off my brother seems to be gaining weight again which with his skinny self is really great doctors still aren’t sure what caused the weight lost but they have their suspect but aren’t telling.  Second, I will be moving east to Florida in the panhandle on the 3rd of May yes I know it is just right around the corner but it will be okay.  I will be online and let you guys know how things are going and of course I will still be taking my photos and I will have a lot more places to chose from plus I will have that big gulf coast.  (LOL)

I’m going for two good reasons or I would stay here and go on about my business.  Misty is there and also my ex-husband and ex-mother in law who is having some health issues and he needs some relief help which I don’t mind helping out after all they were there for me when Carl passed away four years ago this May.  They both let me come stay with them for a whole month while I grieved so I wouldn’t worry  nether one of my daughters or my brothers cause it was really rough going for a while and I was fit for even my own company.  I also will be getting to meet my son-in-law for the very first time when Misty went back to Florida last year to be closer to her Grams she ran into Shane and they got together and have been ever since.  I’m happy for both of them and glad that she is happy for the first in who knows when.

I will posting a lot more of my photos so that will be good for all of us.  You guys can see my work and I will be doing something I love.  For now I think it is time to go and write on my other site.  Have a wonderful week and God bless you all.  Love ya lots and lots.



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