A Topiary Tale

My friend and found the pictures most enchanting so much in fact that we want a tote with the owl and a picture of the cat.

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On Grimloch Lane the townspeople look glum and walk with their heads down. But one day all that changed.  In “The Night Gardener” (Simon & Schuster, February 2016), a young boy wakes up to find a most amazing tree sculpture of an owl.  Each day a new and more exciting topiary appears, and the pages of the book suddenly develop color.  After the sixth day of these unique masterpieces, the boy stays out late and spots an older man he has never seen before.  The night gardener engages the boy to become his apprentice. When their work is done, the gardener mysteriously disappears and leaves his cutting shears for the boy.  As the fall approaches, the trees begin to lose their leaves, but the town remains bright and happy.  The drawings in this thoughtful story are enchanting.  A beautiful tale as we all await Spring.

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Hello my fellow bloggers, family and friends:

Last night Misty called to tell me that she is having lots of issues and normally I try to keep these issues to myself and try to help her work them out but I think I would be asking for a miracle because until all the test is in the doctors aren’t quite sure but it never hurts to pray so that is what I’m asking of all of you in cyberspace to do for Misty is to say a big pray that she doesn’t have cancer and it is only the bladder sling eroding not something more life threatening.

I lost my husband Carl it will be 4 years in May to lung cancer and I’m not ready to lose my daughter to some other cancer when she isn’t even out of 30’s yet.  I know I have lost others younger but please Lord don’t take my baby cause she is the baby of our family.  Please say lots of prayers for us (or her) she will need them to stay positive for the road ahead if it is cancer.

Thank you ahead of time for all your support and prayers they are all greatly appreciated.