Hello fellow bloggers, friends and family:

It is that time of year again when the World Series starts the first team to win four games while the other team has no games or less than four the team which has four wins.  The World Series is all about bragging rights which league is better the American or National and after it is said and done it will be all over until next April when it starts all over again.

The Kansas City Royals was in the series last year but didn’t win while the New York Mets last major win was in 1986 it will be a rush to see which team can end their rough spot and come out winners in the end.  I’m not really a KC Royal fan nor am I a NY Mets fan but out of the two I suppose I’m more of a Mets fan than a Royal fan but I’m going to wish both teams and fans good luck it will interesting to see who can pull it off and get the best of the other team.  Both teams are good and have a great outfield, pitching staff, and also infield too.

Good luck to all.


National Breast Awareness Month

Hello fellow bloggers, family and friends,

October is upon us and a lot of things happen in the month October.  We have National Breast Awareness Month, we have the run for the pennant to see who will be playing in the World Series, autumn is getting ready to beginning the colorful show of reds, greens, yellows, oranges, and the smell of autumn, Halloween for the kids and last but not least my birthday.

It is important for me to get the awareness of breast cancer out there to every single person because I lost my great-grandma because of this cancer the doctors thought she had a bug bite on her boob and treated her for it by the time they realized she had breast cancer she was gone all within a six month period of time.  My sister had a reduction of her boobs because of a backache all the time within two weeks of the reduction they found lots of lumps on both sides and she had to have a radical on both sides the reduction saved her life.  My Aunt had a partial on his left side.  So you now you understand why I’m trying to get the word out about breast cancer.

I found some pretty images of autumn that are right along the ideal pictures of what I think autumn is all about and also just to share with you my ideal of what autumn is to me.   If I could I would live here all the time and be able to write anything and everything I can.  I wish you all a happy October and may you all have a wonderful Halloween with your children and family.  Best of all have fun watching the World Series and I will put a little humor for all of you who have a huge yard have a little fun with the leaves before you rake them up and put them in the bag.  LOL  Your children will love you more and so will your spouse.

Last on this blog today is I hope your team makes it to the World Series or at least the makes it to the run off.  Good luck to all you baseball fans and to all your teams still in the running.

autumn at the lake
autumn at the lake