Hello fellow bloggers, family and friends,

As I sit here at my desk with all my wonderful messy stuff around thinking of a topic I haven’t done or one that hasn’t been over done in the pass I think about things which have gone on in my life or friends lives and I wonder just how much we truly know about them or how much the truly let us in to really be there for them.

They have a program now about stopping cancer by praying and I know that pray works miracles but I wonder why it didn’t work for Carl or even my Mom was it because I didn’t pray hard enough or I didn’t take the right tack to make it work or if it just wasn’t suppose to work because it was there time to go to a better place.  For whatever the reason I still believe that pray can help and if we all get into the pray mode that more people would live as long as it’s not there time to go.

My Mom once told me that when God was ready for her she would be ready too and she didn’t want any heroic measures taken she didn’t want to suffer anymore.  Carl was ready to go to after five long years of pain he just wanted the pain to be gone and never come back.

Let’s get on our knees and pray that the find a cure for this awful disease before it takes the life of someone else we know and love.  PLEASE!!!!!!  and THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH.


Tell me what you think.

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