I have always liked a good mystery and I have really written a lot about 2 of my favorite presidents.  Not because they were brave and they both dealt with the same issue in almost the same way but because they we’re two great men doing extraordinary things for equal rights even back in 1860 when equal rights hadn’t even been thought about.

I’m sure you know some of the similarities between the 2 Presidents but how many of you would get all of those similarities.  Once of the most common ones are that both men had seven letters in their last name.  They were both married in their thirties to women in their twenties. Lincoln was elected to Congress in 1846 and Kennedy to Congress in 1946. Lincoln lost the nomination to become Vice President in 1856 and Kennedy lost the nomination to become Vice President in 1956.  Lincoln became President in 1860 and Kennedy became President in 1960.  Both Mary and Jackie lost of a child while living in the white house.

Both men were shot in the head. Both also shot on a Friday. Assassins and  successors were also Southerners. John Wilkes Booth was born in the 1830′s and died in his 20′s after killing Lincoln he ran from a Theater to a warehouse while Lee Harvey Oswald was born in the 1930′s and he died in his 20′s after killing Kennedy he ran from the warehouse to a theater.  Both Booth and Oswald died while either being arrested or while in police custody.

These great presidents had a lot in common from the abolish of slavery to civil right and that all men are created equal.  If there was any person I could sit down and have a discuss with it would be Lincoln and Kennedy.  I know that was two people but hey they are so similar I’m getting twice as many views for the price of one.  LOL  I hope you have enjoyed my fun facts about Lincoln and Kennedy.


Tell me what you think.

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