Home in my Hometown

HELLO fellow bloggers, family and friends:  I am back in my hometown and wondering what to do next.  Misty and I are staying at my brothers again but this time it will be temporary because we already have a place to live but it needs a remodel because it was built in 1940’s.  The remodel will take a little time but it will be worth it.  We will both have our own space and we will have our own ROOM!!!!   Trust me we both will be happy for our own space but best of all we both will be happy to be in our own house again.  Don’t get me wrong I really am happy that my daughter was available for both Misty and I in Shelton and that she gave us a roof over our heads and that we got to catch up and I got to know the grandkids but it will be nice to have my own house that I can do with it what I want and when.  LOL

I haven’t told you guys the best part I got my little kitty back which by the way isn’t so small really but man am I a happy camper.  Sox missed Misty and I has much as we missed her and all three of us are happy to have each other back.

Now that I do have my house even though I am not living in there yet I am going to start hitting lots of garage sales and also go to the flea market to see what I can find even if I have to strip paint and redo the item.  It is going to be lots of fun to look for things to go into our home.  We need lots of things.  New mattress for both beds and a bed for the other room because she doesn’t have one.  We both have chest of drawes but I only have a 3 drawer chest while she has a 5 drawer chest which she will need because she has no closet.  LOL  I hang a lot of my clothes up.  We need dishes, glasses, silverware (flatware, bake ware, cook ware, all kinds of stuff for the kitchen we either want a Chief theme, or an apple theme.  I am leaning toward the chief because I think he is so cute.

Now for my bedroom of course you had to know that at least one room of my house would be nautical right.  My bed sheets and comforter is going to be lighthouses, compasses, sailboats, and water of course, the sheets will be a pastel blue with a white stripe.  The comforter also is reversible and on the other side it has red, white, blue and white stripes.  The background on the comforter is a slate gray very light.  My ex lives in Florida and I want him to pick me up some sea shells and some fish netting.  Then I can take some vases and put the sea shells in them put them all over the house including my bedroom while the netting I want to put in the corner and place the thousands of stuff animals that my hubby, friends, family and others have given me over the years.  I want to keep maybe one on there so I can still have Carl there in spirit after all it is a new place he has never been or lived.  Misty wants her bedroom in cowboy or rustic she hasn’t decided but whatever she decides it will be great because she has put her mark on it.

Well friends it is that time again to shut it down and wait for replies.  You all have a great week and don’t forget that Mother’s Day is on the 12th of May, your wife will be surprised that you remembered without her beating you on the head to remind her.  LOL  Please for gosh sakes don’t forget your Mom….if you are still so lucky to still have her.  God bless all of you and Happy Mother’s Day all you Mom’s out there.


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