Good morning my fellow bloggers, friends and family I know it has been a while since I have been on this site but I have plenty to tell you so I will begin by telling you that I have not been sitting still. I have been taking some photos having some fun with that for about a month or so. Next I have been getting ready to move back to Texas to spend some time with my brother and help him get through a rough patch. I am hoping to find lots of things to keep me happy taking photographs of in my hometown. I have been away for almost a year just maybe I will have a fresh eye to see things through this time around. I haven’t given up on blogging in fact I love it more than ever. Another thing is that my son in law Troy has gotten me hooked and that is the best way to say it hooked on a game which is on Facebook called “Transport Empire” it’s about trains, boats, and air blimps (planes). You start off with a city and you build it up as you go. It is crazy, fun and you get hooked and want to play all the time but you can’t spend your life on Facebook when you have things to do. LOL
Now let’s catch up a little more. I left Shelton on Friday 3 April 2015 after getting a late start but that was okay I wasn’t in that big of a hurry. I took my time saw a few things that I hadn’t seen the whole time I had been in Washington which was good and nice also. I went down through Portland, OR across to Boise, ID down to Salt Lake City, Utah over to Cortez, CO so I wouldn’t have to go into Denver and then down then on down to Albuquerque, NM and finally into Texas where I stopped at the truck stop at I40E and 287S in Amarillo to get gas and to get out of the truck for a little while. When I finish writing this I will heading out to go to Wichita Falls which is about another 2 hours then I’m hitting the showers and falling face down in a bed for little bit then I will need to get up and unload the beast and return it to where it is due back on Thursday. Then I will be done with moving until I help my middle daughter Jenny move back to South Carolina next year. But that won’t be for a while thank goodness. I got the truck turned in on time and found out some sad news about another friend who has died.
You guys and gals don’t know happy I am to be out of that truck and be standing or laying on something that doesn’t move. LOL My daughter Jen, the girls and Julian will be going to Wichita Mountains and the last place I want to go is to the mountains again this soon so I won’t be going not that I was invited. LOL
Well my friends, fellow bloggers and family I guess that is all for now you all hang in there be good to yourselves, family, your animals and friends. Remember that I love you and am glad that you are here.


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