Hello fellow bloggers, family and friends:

Today I was on the bus coming back from town and at the time I got home so did a lady and her animal (dog) as the dog passed one of the women in the front of the bus she made a comment that just burned my butt I’m not sure for the same reason you would think.  First I’m an animal lover and as that lover I feel the lady should have her dog on the bus with her if she wants to.  Second as an ex-smoker I have already lost a lot of rights because of the non-smokers who go to the same places then complain about second hand smoke.  Last but not least by any means is that the dog wasn’t there for its help it is a companion dog and as such it is her job to be with her mistress where ever she happens to go including on a bus.  Now I know there are many of you that might not agree with me but you must have a reason.  There are three types of dog services which are enforced through the ADA (American Disability Association) service dog which is a blind person needing a see and eye dog, companion dog which is a dog that spends time with a person so that person doesn’t feel alone and last is therapy dog which basically helps a person with therapy.   I just wish that when people say something that before that engage their mouth they need to think about what and how they are going to say it.  I know that something on here I’m not always the most diplomatic about things like this subject but I’m not trying to hurt anyone feeling and if you’re talking about my animal then you’re not only hurting my cat’s or dog’s feelings but you are trying to piss me off.

I know there is a subject in all of us that just hits that cord and all hell can break loose well actual I have two animals and my Mama even though she isn’t with us anymore.  I will take care of my animals and my Mama’s name because neither of them can take care of themselves.  For all of you who are out there in cyberspace take a minute if you are reading me and please tell me yeah or nay I’m just wondering if I’m way off base or for some reason or another I am right on the money on this issue.  Thanks I hope you all have a great St. Patrick’s Day and a wonderful Easter.

Love Kat


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