Hello my fellow bloggers, friends and family:

This new year hasn’t started off so well for me.  As a lot of you know Henry wrecked his truck in April and the odds wasn’t so good that he would survive the accident well he did believe it or not with all the parts he broke and the head injuries Dr said he was a lucky man.  Well as it turned out he lived a little longer and we were lucky to have him with us the extra time but in the end the accident did him no favors.  He had bone cancer and when he got all those broken bones from the accident it caused the cancer to spread up into his lungs.  Which caused him to lose his fight with the cancer on 27 December 2014 but because I didn’t find out about it until February I had to notify his son and of course he was upset because he thought I was holding something as important as that from him.

I also lost my best friend under crazy issues he had his normal two days off was suppose to be back at work on Sunday at midnight didn’t show up or did he call which wasn’t something he would do.  They called him at home on Monday got no answer which had them calling his Mom to see if she had heard from him and she had on Saturday he had come to see her and brought one of her grandsons to see her also.  I have a key to his house but I live here in Washington and by the time I would have gotten it to them it would have been Friday.  They called his sister and her husband drove to Wichita Falls on Wednesday by the time he got there the police were picking the lock to see if he was alright.  He wasn’t of course he had passed away but because he was unattended he was send off to the Chief pathologist office in Ft Worth.  They got all the stuff they need and then send him back for his funeral and now we are waiting for the outcome of those test.

To finish off my dad’s anniversary of his death was on the 6 February and then his birthday was the 12 February so needless to say today is the 14 February so we are in the second week in February and I have lost 2 people I love and reliving the 3rd one. Not a great way to start a new year enough though I lost Henry last year it was still in the new year I found out.

I’m looking forward to February to end and praying that maybe March will be the beginning of something better.  I’m not sure if I can take any more bad news so soon after the first little bit.  If you know what I mean.  Let’s all pray for a better beginning okay.


Tell me what you think.

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