How many of you would have ever thought that it would be Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots in this year’s super bowl?  Not me for sure, I was fairly sure that Seattle would be there but I thought that they way the Colts have been playing it would surely be them.  I not unhappy that the Patriots made the super bowl for February 1 just a little surprised.  I love Tom Brady he did a wonderful job moving the ball and using Blount to move the ball down the field to where they needed it.  Now those Seahawks they could have lots because of the way Russell was playing and throwing the football into turnovers the way that he did.  But in the fourth quarter with about 3:22 left on the clock Engleman came a live and so did Russell between the two of them they got the ball down to where it was needed and then got the game tied up THEN OVERTIME.  Final the winning 6 points for the victory to go to the super bowl and become the champions of the division.  Good luck to both the Patriots and the Seahawks come the 1st of February.


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