Blogging isn’t hard it just takes patience, understanding and controlling your temper when others destroy what you have worked hard to create. There was a time when I wanted to find the person who told me I wasn’t much of a blogger and I didn’t have the smarts that God gave to a lion. But now I don’t feel that way for several reasons the most important one is I have other children and I don’t always think that my writings are my babies.
My Mom was a very smart lady it is a pity that she has been gone almost 15 years and I think I realized it about 3 months after she was gone. She might have been able to write a blog or a poem but she sure knew when something was up. I asked one time how she always knew I was in trouble from school, or from a friend’s house and her reply was very simply “you look guilty.” So I stopped asking her how she knew. LOL
I read a lot of different people here on and I have come to a wonderful conclusion even thought a lot of people have been doing it longer and their subject matter is different from mine, I still must be doing something right because they make comments when they can and if they don’t make comments they always like my blogging.
Blogging is a topic that you find you like and belief me I have quite a few, then you write about this topic, others make comments and sometimes those word hurt but they are meant to make you a better blogger. I don’t always agree with my fellow bloggers but one thing I do agree on is the more you blog the better you get. Did you take piano and your piano teacher would come to your house or you would go to hers then at the end of practice she would tell you don’t forget to practice because the more your practice the better you get. So you see it really isn’t hard to blog you really only have to practice and know a little something about writing and of course the main important thing your subject.


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