Happy Thanksgiving

Hello fellow bloggers,family and friends:

It’s that time of year again when we start thinking about why we are thankful and we also gearing up for all those holidays and spending time with family, friends and think about the ones who won’t be with us.  First of all most of you who follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and other social sites know that I’m not longer living in TX so there are quite a few people there I want to tell that I miss you and love you like crazy and I want to wish you each and everyone of you the best holiday season.

My family still lives in Wichita Falls I hope you all are doing good this holiday season also.  Mark if you ever decide that you’re not happy there anymore you can pack up and move here because believe it or not I miss you a lot and I do still need my brother rather he needs me or not.  Just don’t bring anyone else with you unless you are not staying because I’m not sending an invite to them.  Sorry it is how I feel.  But if you do come and you do have every thing from the trailer please be sure to bring Carl cause he is needed here.

I’m thankful that I still have my brother Mark even if he isn’t happy with me at the moment.  I’m thankful for my brother Chris even if he pretends he doesn’t need anyone but himself.   I’m thankful for John and Laura because I know that both have had a bad year but they didn’t let it get them down that just keep on trying to deal with all of their issues. I’m thankful for Henry who God gave a new lease on life after his accident the reason it has taken me so long to say anything is because for a while I was in shock and because Henry didn’t know himself or anyone else for about seven months so you can see why it has taken so long.  He told me and he is still have lots of issues because of his accident but he told me he still has problems remembering things that happened just before the accident and then after until he could make sense of his scrambled brain.  Last but not least is all of you wonderful people I’m not naming all of you so don’t get upset if your name isn’t here but I’m still thinking of all of you.  Roy, Don, Susie Sexton that have kept me sane all year and I’m so very thankful to having people who go out of the way to make sure I don’t go crazy or do something which is not good.  LOL  Wronda,Linda, Ivan, Greg, Bev, Bo, Laura, Stan, Linda and all my groupies at the Flush you guys know who you are I’m so happy that you are always there no matter what and continue to be there.  Linda I pray for Ivan every day I hope you both are doing good.

I want to wish each of you a very happy holiday and remember Misty and I when you sit down to Thanksgiving dinner because we will be remembering each and everyone of you.  I love you all take care and have a save Holiday Season!!!   Henry you could smile a lot more remember it only makes people wonder what you’re thinking when you are smiling.

Happy Holidays

Kat and Misty


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