Veterans Day 2014

Hello fellow bloggers, friends and family:

Veterans Day is not like any other holiday to me.  Yes we have Memorial Day, Flag Day, Remembrance Day to remember our troops (soldiers) but Veterans Day to me at least does more than that it not only remembers them but it honors their families too.  We as a country are free today because of the soldiers and their families who not only went off to war because they were asked/told to go but they are leaving behind a wife who is pregnant and come home to a baby of 7 or 8 months sometimes older who doesn’t want anything to do with them because they don’t know them.  Sad but so very true.

November 11 is Veterans Day if you know a soldier it shouldn’t matter if he is active or not tell him/her that you appreciate his/her satisfies and his/her families too.  I can guarantee you will receive a very big smile and some kind of reply back.   I am happy that I can sit here at my kitchen table and know that I’m not going to get arrested because I have power of speech behind me and the reason I do that is because I live in a democracy where we fight for our rights and continue to live FREE because of what ever man/woman does to keep us safe and free.

I read an article on earlier and it got me thinking and it kind of upset me too because it didn’t talk about the a very famous soldier at all.  It was about famous veterans: Clint Eastwood, Morgan Freeman, Chuck Norris, Elvis Presley, Mr. T, Ice-T, Charleston Heston, Mickey Rooney, just to name a few but the one I was surprised who wasn’t listed was Audie Murphy he was a great soldier and the most decorated also plus he has a lot of places/ things named after him included the VA Hospital in San Antonio Audie P Murphy Veterans Hospital. But then maybe the person who wrote the article isn’t a western nut or maybe he isn’t a Audie Murphy fan like me.

One more tidbit I pick up on and I’m sure a lot of you out there has seen the 1945 era post-World War II sailor in Time Square and kissing the nurse well that sailor died in a nursing home on March 9 of this year his name was Glenn McDuffie and he lived in Houston since 1960.  The photographer who took the picture was Alfred Eisenstaedt who took pictures for Life Magazine.  The young sailor at the 18 was on his way to see his girlfriend in Brooklyn and he was in the subway when he heard that Japan had surrendered he was willing to pay $10 for a kiss but when he say the nurse he just walked up to her and kissed her no talking nothing….then walked to catch his train.  Anyway 62 years later they are going through pictures and  Lisa Gibbson a well-known forensic artist was asked to identify the sailor in the picture which she did.  What is so funny is that I have been trying to buy the picture since I saw it at Denny’s on their wall in Las Vegas in May of this year.  Every time I find it I a little short and when I have money I go and no copies are available.  I have seen it in about 4 different stores around the area.  Crazy right???

Don’t forget to tell your troops thanks for a job well done and for their services and also their families.  I hope you have a wonderful Veterans Day yourself and if you are a soldier active or retired THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!!!

Love Kat


4 Replies to “Veterans Day 2014”

    1. Audie was a actor who was a greater military man but he was an awesome actor he played in things like: The Quiet American, The Red Badge of Courage, No name on the Bullet, To Hell and Back, and he played in the only TV series I can remember him playing in was Whispering Smith. As a military man he received the highest honor a military soldier can get “The Medal of Honor” I want to thank you for your service as well I have walked a mile in your shoes just like you have walked a mile in my mine the only difference was you were the one getting shot out and I was the one helping to put you back together again. I too am from the south born and breed as my grand-pappy used to say. Believe it or not Audie Murphy is from the south too he was born in Kingston which I think is down by San Antonio which is why VA hospital there named it’s hospital Audie P Murphy Veterans Administration Core Hospital. Thank you Jason for posting on my site. PS I just wrote a comment on yours about your never ever being on my site. I was wrong wasn’t I. Kat


    2. You are so welcome. I too am a vet so I try to write something all the time about our soldiers and their families. We are so lucky to be free and the reason we are is because of all the soldiers who fight and those of them who gave there lives.


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