Hi cyberworld:

I hope where ever you are you are having a sunny day and you’re world is warm with friendly skies.  LOL  Here in Washington it is raining buckets of course it didn’t start that way but it was partly cloud with blue sky showing and within an span of an hour no partly cloudy or blue skies it was grey skies and water was falling from the sky.  I can’t believe the change in so little of time.  Well I guess one can’t really complain when stopping to think about living in Texas where there was a shortage of rain and the lakes, creeks, man made reservoirs was almost empty.

Not much else to say I know you don’t believe me but I just have the blues and I think it is worst because of the rain but that is because the rain is suppose to give you the blues sometimes.  I want to thank all of you for listening or reading which ever you believe your doing.  You all take care my friends and have a wonderful Halloween.  Will it be a Trick or Treat kind of night.


3 Replies to “RAINY DAY BLUES”

  1. weirdly enough, i actually like the rain… i know it gives most people the blues, but i like staying in, with a hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate, reading a book while the rain pours away…


    1. Acharif,
      I too love the rain but here in Washington at moment we are in what we call the rainy season like yesterday on the 21Oct it started to rain about 10 AM and it continued off and on all day even into the night where this morning when I got up at 5 AM we are in a flood warning for some of our rivers already and it is early in the season. But all in all rain isn’t so bad. LOL Thank you for reading. Stop by any time.


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