National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Hello fellow bloggers, friends, and family,

Well I’m back to keep reminding you that since October is here it is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  I know that I have told you all before but breast cancer isn’t just for women anymore it is for men also and it is tough so check those boobs for lumps and if you find one it doesn’t mean that you have cancer it just means you need to have it checked out.   I promise not to nag to much but I don’t want to know that you could have checked and didn’t because you were embarrassed to check.

The house looking isn’t going as well as I thought but I have found one apartment that Misty and I finally agree on.  It is a 2 bed 2 bath and the only thing I don’t like that I can’t change is that it has an electrical stove but most of the one we have looked at have an electrical stove.  (total electric).  It also has a washer and dryer in the unit so we don’t have to go anywhere to wash. Yeah!!  The 2 bath is a plus because then we don’t have to share the whole bathroom just the shower.  LOL

I’m sitting on my bed in the fifth wheel listening to music with Misty she is sitting at the kitchen table with her computer building a castle on mind craft and I’m writing this blog which is about normal she usually has her ear buds in but she is sharing her music with me tonight or should I say this morning since it is already 0145 I wonder where the time has gone?  No matter I’m having fun writing to all of you and Misty is probably having fun doing her thing too.

As most of you know I have been working on a book and I think before long I can surely say I am finished.  My husband Carl if he was still with me would have been proud of me and I’m proud of myself because for a while I didn’t think I would ever finish it.  Before long I can say I have.  Wish me luck  Well my fellow bloggers, friends and family it is time to close for now and maybe get some sleep cause tomorrow (or today) I need to go to the library and get some new books.  Take care and be good to yourself.  Remember I love you.


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