Hello fellow bloggers, family, and friends,

Well this is the last day of September and tomorrow is the beginning of October. It starts the beginning of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month when men and women alike should have their boobs checked if they haven’t had them checked some other time in the year. The National and American baseball league top teams are running for the pennant to see who will have the bragging rights for the next 6 months or so. Halloween will be at the end of the month I know some of the people don’t celebrate but others do. Not that it is a bad ideal to go door to door to get candy it is just some people don’t do it because of religious or something else. Any of course my birthday it isn’t something to get excited about anymore because my husband isn’t with me anymore and my children sometimes forgot not on purpose but they need reminded and I don’t want to do that because hey it is my birthday right. LOL

But out all that we have discussed I fill that breast cancer awareness is the most important thing because everyone needs to do take care of themselves and their friends and remind them to get checked out yearly and if you have had cancer in your family some doctors what you to have 2 appointments a year. But baseball is second important at least to me because I’m a baseball fan and love the pennant race. I know this blog isn’t has long as normal but I’m not sure what to say other than that sometime life is just sometimes a little crazy.


Tell me what you think.

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