Hello my fellow bloggers, family and friends,

Tonight while I was helping my daughter Steph clean up while she was cooking dinner we had been talking about lots of things and while she was wiping down the counter I said or she said that part isn’t important of who said what.  The thing that is important is that it got me thinking I and told her that would make a great title for a blog and here I sit thinking about all the times I have wanted to do something and life jumped out and got into the hang of things and then I couldn’t do it for some reason or another.

Life isn’t something which we can always count on but it something which should be lived to the fullest.  Why you ask, well one never knows just how long they might have and if you dwell on that about the length of time one has then you will not have much time at all because you will be to busy trying to out think death which in my knowledge no one ever has.  LIVE LIFE TO IT’S MAX!!!  Don’t worry about life stress is enough to think about without thinking life is going out of control.

Smile be happy it is going to be okay for you but don’t take my word cause I can only know things for my life but if you live your life to the best of your ability and do the best you can than you have a good chance of being happy if when life gets in the way.

Thank you again for reading my blog and for making comments or just liking I am wishing you all a very happy October.  God bless each and every one of you bless you all for being in my life even if it is just to read an old lady rumblings.



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