Back to Basics

Back to Basics. This is by Emily Gooch I wanted to repost for her.  Awesome blog and great pics


Hello my fellow bloggers, friends and family,

     Not a lot going on in Washington State Misty and I are still looking for a place to live and give us some run to move and have our own space within the confines of an apartment, house, or trailer but just really a place we can call our own.  The rent here isn’t like if you live in New York or even Chicago but it is high and then of course since it is like we are starting from the beginning again we will need the rent, deposit, plus to turn on the electric, and all the other things one needs to move into a place of their own.  We sold almost everything when we moved here and had to leave some stuff there in Texas because we moved here by way of Greyhound so we were only allowed so much luggage and carry on.  But we are here and that is all that counts.


     I can’t believe that school is getting ready to start and in some places it has already started where has this year gone already it just seems like it was Valentine’s Day and now it is getting close to Labor Day and then regular season for football and of course the pennant race to see what two teams will be playing in the World Series for rights to brag.  If your a tennis fan we are getting geared up for the US Open in New York which is the last of big tourney until the first one down under. 


     I talked with my Auntie the other day on the phone she lives in Texas and it was 10 AM our time which puts it 1 PM their time and it was already 112 and the temp was still climbing and our temp was 70 degrees and the high was going to be 77 degrees which it ended up being only 75 degrees and we had a nice breeze going on.  We have had some warm temps like 84 or 85 but nothing to bad.  When people make commits about the weather being hot I just smile and tell them it is really wonderful compared to Texas weather at the moment.  When I tell them how hot it is there they say I guess it isn’t to hot here if you look at it like that. 


      I just found a new blogger at least to me.  Her name is Kristen Lamb she is on, and so she is on a lot of sites like all of us who blog all the time.  She wrote the blog which I read today about Robin Williams and others like him.  The title is “We are not alone” it is great and it gets you to think at least it did me. 


     That is all for me Guys and Gals I hope you all have a fantastic week and don’t work to hard if your working and if your playing don’t play to hard either. LOL  Happy Labor Day weekend and Happy back to school for those of you who have children who are going back or if your a teacher, principal, and/or professor having to go back also.  Good night and Sweet dreams. 

Love Kat