Travelling West by Bus

Travelling west by bus has its advantages but it also has some bad stuff to go with those wonderful advantages. Like for instance you can relax and leave the driving to the men and women who do the driving for a living and therefore are supposed to be paid to do the driving. This way you can take pictures of places you want to remember, sleep, read or even talk with your fellow passengers. I did all of the above. Misty and I got on the bus in Wichita Falls, TX and got off in Olympia, WA and then we were pickup by our friends and family and driven to Shelton which was about one hour away. We stopped several times along the way some of the places I wouldn’t spend two minutes in if I didn’t have to and other cities I wanted to spend more time in.
Our first stop was Amarillo and the only two things I can say about this place is that it has a lot of old buildings and at the truck stop just west of town advertises that if you can eat all of your seventy-two ounce steak with all the fixings you get your meal free. I can guarantee if you want to go for it make sure you haven’t eaten in about 24 hours because it is a huge steak. Our next stop that comes to mind that was good city was in New Mexico in Albuquerque. This city also has a lot of old buildings but it has new modern ones throw in with a Spanish theme which blends well with all of those older buildings. One of our stops Misty and I got off for a short time of a few days and caught up with family that we hadn’t seen in forever which was Las Vegas. Now Las Vegas has a lot of casinos and one must be at least 21 years old to gamble in them but there are other attractions besides the gambles…There is a very large roller coaster one of the biggest in the United States and it is the same one that Gil Grissom use to ride on when he was having a bad day and the same one he took Nick Stokes on when he asked Gil what do you do when things don’t go right on the job. The job was CSI Investigations (Las Vegas) now I know you’re asking yourself how does she know and it is because I have watched every season of it since the beginning. Also this is the roller coaster that is outside on the side of the casino not the one in Circus Circus on the inside.
Flagstaff, AZ was another one of those stops and it was a cool place except that some of the street reminded me of some of the streets in Sunnyside Height in Wichita Falls because they are very narrow and only one car can pass at a time. It too had lots of old buildings and the court house was huge. It was really cold by the time we got there it was like eleven at night and we had to stay there until about two in the morning. The wind was howling like a bunch of wild coyotes and it was blowing about thirty-five miles per hour and gusting up to fifty miles per hour and the weather report was calling for snow and we are in May and still snow was coming. I wouldn’t want to live there with snow coming into May or even June. That is just too wild for me to even think about. When we finally arrived at our destination Olympia we were happy not to be getting back on that bus again. Our family pick us up there and we got into the vehicle to travel another hour or so to reach Shelton. I personally do not want to get on another bus for a long while because that was a heck of a long trip and a crazy way to move. Misty will be writing her own experiences along the way to Shelton and she is quite a little story writer. Thanks for your time and your love. Have a wonderful Thursday and don’t forget to send or give your Mom a card for “Mother’s Day” it will be Sunday May 11, 2014 this year. For all of you who are still lucky to have your Moms don’t ever take her for granted she won’t be around forever I know I lost mine almost fourteen years ago and there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t miss her and want to call her just to ask “how her day is going”.
I love you all and thanks again for reading an old lady’s rambling. Good night and sweet dreams my fellow bloggers, readers, family and friends.
Red Sox Lady 35


ImageThis is Mount Shasta it was taken out of the bus window. This was taken by my daughter Misty.


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