Hello fellow bloggers, family, and friends,
Misty and I are finally in Washington state and even though it was hard leaving family in a place that was familiar and safe it was the best thing to do for all kinds of reasons but some I’m not ready to share let’s just say starting over is best for our piece of mind and let it go at that okay.
We ended up being on the bus for 53 hours and some odd minutes because of all the delays that we had to be subject to. The actual trip was supposed to be 25 hours and 45 minutes but I think it was because of not enough bus drivers to handle the number of people travelling, bus’s was breaking down all over the place and the one coming from Dallas into Wichita Falls was two and a half hours late because of an accident involving the bus which cause everyone having a connecting bus somewhere else to miss their bus and then having to sit there and wait for the next one instead of them finding a bus to go to the next location.
No good news yet on Henry just more of the same. I guess Stephen is still waiting for his cutoff date which is the 45 days from the accident. The accident was on April 2 and on May 7 it will be five weeks which is thirty-five days so but on May 17 he will make his decision on what will be done for Henry.
Misty and I met an interesting man on our day in Las Vegas near the CVS on the strip. He was a veteran of Vietnam and he was homeless but he didn’t blame anyone he just said that America was in debt up to their bottoms and even though he receives full pension from Uncle Sam for time served he just doesn’t make enough money to pay everything and no one seems to help him. Anyway the point I trying to make very badly is he gets a full ride (100%) disabled he can’t make it on his own. We has a country help all these other countries bring them over here give them free stuff until they get on their feet but we can’t seem to help our own Vets live in a place that is safe and off the streets. I worry about not only the Vets on the street but our children who have run away from home. Are they going to wake up and be safe or will they become a statistic of another body found dead on the street that no one cares about?
I know this is really long tonight but I haven’t blogged in a day or two so I have a lot to say and my brain is pressing for it to get it on paper. LOL
Has Misty and I got on the bus in Medford, OR I realized it had been raining all day and the weather was calling for more of the rain. Now I know how Washington and Oregon keep so green and it is because of all the rain. Here it is two days since we have arrived and it is still raining and its Monday and rain is supposed to continue until Thursday or Friday. I don’t mind the rain I just don’t like the booming and lightening that goes with it.
Misty and I took pictures along the way and once I get my cord I will be posting them. Now for all of you that I promised a travel blog I need to get to work on it and then I will post it so you can read it too. I’m so happy to be here and able to start over and maybe it will be okay for both Misty and I. Take care my bloggers, family and friends. I want to wish all you Moms who read my blog a very Happy Mother’s Day hope your day is fun and may all your friends and family wish you a happy day.

Red Sox Lady 35


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