One week closer

Hello fellow bloggers, friends and family:
Well guys and girls a week from today Misty and I will be getting on a Greyhound bus and going westward. I will try to keep you updated on things that will be happening while we are on the bus and during our layovers too. It should be interesting to say the least I think the last time I was on the bus with Misty I think she was 3 years old and now she is almost 35 years old. LOL What a big difference right that makes right and thank goodness for that too because she will be talking about things we both can relate to. At least now she can feed herself and I won’t have to change her clothes for her. It is going to be an adventure and I am so happy to be sharing it with her not only because she is my daughter and we have never done that before but because I respect and love the woman she has grown up to be. I suppose we all get mad at our children and I have believe me but also I can relate to some of the things she has done in her past which sometimes others don’t approve of.
I am starting to get excited to be leaving and going to another place to put down roots in a place I haven’t lived in before because I can’t count the three weeks I was there TDY to teach a class on Whidbey Island near Seattle which was a whole another story for a different time. Beside we aren’t going there and we will be a whole lot closer to Portland, OR and I have never been there at all so it should be fun writing about things we can see and do there once we get settled in we can explore our new surrounding and let you all know what we can do there encase you decide to come visit and I would love to see you.
I hope you all out in cyber land has had a wonderful Easter and I hope your children as well as you as enjoyed doing the hunt for those Easter goodies which was hid all over the outside in the backyard, front yard and even up in a few trees. One year I even found one inside the muffler of the car we had at the time. LOL
I have been wondering for quite some time just how much fun I might have with my daughter on the bus going to the State of Washington and I have decided that I will have a heck of a lot. She isn’t the greatest talker but she loves to look around when going to new places and then asking “Did you see that Mom?” or some other something which she might discover and I have decided I will have whatever the good Lord will allow me to have. But I feel it will be more than fun but also it will be an experience I will remember for the rest of my life, also it will be something I can share with all of you as well as Misty. Well guys and gals it looks like I have written a book to you and I should close for now. I will close by saying once again goodbye; goodnight and God bless each and every one of you. You all have come to mean a heck of lot to me so take care of yourself. Have a great week enjoy your week and best of all take care of yourself and your wonderful families.
Red Sox Lady 35


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