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I write tonight with a heavy heart yesterday Henry (my cousin, my friend, my brother but a lot a shoulder to cry on) he was coming home from spending the night in Oklahoma City after seeing the oncologist and his cardiologist the day before.  He has been having a lot of issues with his blood pressure falling to a very unhealthy low so he has been admitted in our local hospital and the VA hospital has keep him for observation to raise his blood pressure the only problem with that is if the raise his BP to normal range then his AFIB which is an irregular heart beat messes up.  So the poor guy was dang if he did and dang if he didn’t.  Anyway back to the story I’m trying to tell you.  I’m not sure where the accident happened but he hit a guard rail and the truck started to flip several times and the jaws of life was used to get him out of there.  He was taken to the hospital in OKC and when we finally decided to call the police they went to his house and was told that he had been in a traffic accident and he was in critical condition and unresponsive.  Which isn’t good.  His condition has far as I know is still the same.  The lady he lives with in her house and her daughter with the daughters’ husband as blocked us from checking on Henry so it makes it hard for us to know anything and they won’t tell us anything if though we are family because some how Henry has given the daughter power of attorney so that trumps a birth certification to proof that your the son, and any other family member so they won’t tell us nothing.

I’m asking all of you to please pray for him.  I don’t want to ask for his recovery if it his time to go but I’m not ready to lose him but if God is calling him home and he is in pain I don’t want him to suffer because he has already been through all of that most of his life. But the one thing I will ask of you while your praying and the good Lord lets him come back to me because it isn’t his time to be called home I don’t him to remember the wreck because according to the DPS-Oklahoma when the call here in our town that his truck you could not tell it was a truck it was crush up to the size of a VW bug after been crushed in a machine that crushes cars.  That is small and the only way they knew it was a p/u was the word Sierra was still on it even though the s and a was barely hanging on.  Well guys I need to close because my computer is getting wet.  Thank you all for listening and for your prayers.  God Bless you all. 

Red Sox Lady 35



3 Replies to “Henry”

    1. He is my best friend and he is family and the good lord is probably going to take him sooner or later but at the moment for some unknown reason he is still hanging on and I’m hanging on to the fact that it is a stupid Irishman and God isn’t quite ready for him which is good for those of us who really love him. Thank you for your comments and keep praying we just might get a miracle. Love you too!!!


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