One week closer

Hello fellow bloggers, friends and family:
Well guys and girls a week from today Misty and I will be getting on a Greyhound bus and going westward. I will try to keep you updated on things that will be happening while we are on the bus and during our layovers too. It should be interesting to say the least I think the last time I was on the bus with Misty I think she was 3 years old and now she is almost 35 years old. LOL What a big difference right that makes right and thank goodness for that too because she will be talking about things we both can relate to. At least now she can feed herself and I won’t have to change her clothes for her. It is going to be an adventure and I am so happy to be sharing it with her not only because she is my daughter and we have never done that before but because I respect and love the woman she has grown up to be. I suppose we all get mad at our children and I have believe me but also I can relate to some of the things she has done in her past which sometimes others don’t approve of.
I am starting to get excited to be leaving and going to another place to put down roots in a place I haven’t lived in before because I can’t count the three weeks I was there TDY to teach a class on Whidbey Island near Seattle which was a whole another story for a different time. Beside we aren’t going there and we will be a whole lot closer to Portland, OR and I have never been there at all so it should be fun writing about things we can see and do there once we get settled in we can explore our new surrounding and let you all know what we can do there encase you decide to come visit and I would love to see you.
I hope you all out in cyber land has had a wonderful Easter and I hope your children as well as you as enjoyed doing the hunt for those Easter goodies which was hid all over the outside in the backyard, front yard and even up in a few trees. One year I even found one inside the muffler of the car we had at the time. LOL
I have been wondering for quite some time just how much fun I might have with my daughter on the bus going to the State of Washington and I have decided that I will have a heck of a lot. She isn’t the greatest talker but she loves to look around when going to new places and then asking “Did you see that Mom?” or some other something which she might discover and I have decided I will have whatever the good Lord will allow me to have. But I feel it will be more than fun but also it will be an experience I will remember for the rest of my life, also it will be something I can share with all of you as well as Misty. Well guys and gals it looks like I have written a book to you and I should close for now. I will close by saying once again goodbye; goodnight and God bless each and every one of you. You all have come to mean a heck of lot to me so take care of yourself. Have a great week enjoy your week and best of all take care of yourself and your wonderful families.
Red Sox Lady 35



Good morning fellow bloggers, friends and family,

There are two things right now that are keeping me sane and that is my writing and all of you some of you more than others but that is the way the cookie crumbs sometimes. My friend, confidant, my ride and best of all he is my family. I told you that he had been in a one car accident and that he was in Oklahoma City at a local hospital there not even the VA hospital where he had his appointment the day before. When they found him no one knew he was a veteran so they took him to the hospital by the VA hospital. He has had no change of any kind since he was brought in on the Wednesday three weeks ago yesterday. Unless you call them taking him to emergency surgery to stop a clot from hitting his lungs other than that he is still unresponsive and no attentive in his brain. Doctors tell Stephen that if he wakes up he will not stay that way he will go right back to sleep for the last time and he would not know anything or anyone. We are still asking for you to continue your prayers for him and his family…I know that his sons would appreciate even if they can’t or won’t tell you themselves. I appreciate also from the bottom of my heart.

Misty and I will be getting on the bus to move to Washington State now on April 27 instead of April 28 so for a few days I will be off of my computer but as soon as I get to my other daughter’s house I will probably rest first (LOL) and get back on the internet and let you know how the travelling was for us both. We plan to take a few pictures of the different places along the way and of course of our new home state. I will be posting some of those pictures here for anyone interested in seeing the trip and different places through our eyes. Misty said to me one day after we decided to go and help her sister, brother in law and nephew that we are starting over in a new state and it has a changing of the seasons isn’t that wonderful? To which I replied Yes that is not only wonderful but it is also awesome too.

For all of you who know me personally not just by my writing know that I grew up here in Texas and that I always come back here too however I believe this time when I leave I might come back to visit friends and family but I don’t think I will come back to live.

Mist and I are basically pulling our hair out—we will be gone from the house on the afternoon or early evening of April 26 and on Thursday and Friday we will be having a driveway sale along with the rest of our community while one of us is outside the other will be finishing packing last minute stuff and cleaning and we will switch out when the one outside needs a break from sitting. LOL Well my dear bloggers, friends and family it is 0312 and I have a very long day today and I need to hit the rack so I can get a little rest before I have to start again. Take care my friends and have a very Happy Easter don’t eat too much candy and get sick. This year four months have already gone where did they go so fast.

Red Sox Lady 35


Fellow bloggers, friends and family,

I write tonight with a heavy heart yesterday Henry (my cousin, my friend, my brother but a lot a shoulder to cry on) he was coming home from spending the night in Oklahoma City after seeing the oncologist and his cardiologist the day before.  He has been having a lot of issues with his blood pressure falling to a very unhealthy low so he has been admitted in our local hospital and the VA hospital has keep him for observation to raise his blood pressure the only problem with that is if the raise his BP to normal range then his AFIB which is an irregular heart beat messes up.  So the poor guy was dang if he did and dang if he didn’t.  Anyway back to the story I’m trying to tell you.  I’m not sure where the accident happened but he hit a guard rail and the truck started to flip several times and the jaws of life was used to get him out of there.  He was taken to the hospital in OKC and when we finally decided to call the police they went to his house and was told that he had been in a traffic accident and he was in critical condition and unresponsive.  Which isn’t good.  His condition has far as I know is still the same.  The lady he lives with in her house and her daughter with the daughters’ husband as blocked us from checking on Henry so it makes it hard for us to know anything and they won’t tell us anything if though we are family because some how Henry has given the daughter power of attorney so that trumps a birth certification to proof that your the son, and any other family member so they won’t tell us nothing.

I’m asking all of you to please pray for him.  I don’t want to ask for his recovery if it his time to go but I’m not ready to lose him but if God is calling him home and he is in pain I don’t want him to suffer because he has already been through all of that most of his life. But the one thing I will ask of you while your praying and the good Lord lets him come back to me because it isn’t his time to be called home I don’t him to remember the wreck because according to the DPS-Oklahoma when the call here in our town that his truck you could not tell it was a truck it was crush up to the size of a VW bug after been crushed in a machine that crushes cars.  That is small and the only way they knew it was a p/u was the word Sierra was still on it even though the s and a was barely hanging on.  Well guys I need to close because my computer is getting wet.  Thank you all for listening and for your prayers.  God Bless you all. 

Red Sox Lady 35