Hello fellow bloggers, friends and family:

As I sit thinking about day and realize that today wasn’t such a bad day.  Yes I do have bad days and sometimes it is more than one in a period of time but I’m glad to say that my days are getting easier or at least not so bad as they were before.  Yes I miss my Mom, grandma, Nana, sister, uncle and my hubby but all of them are getting easier to understand. Or maybe it’s me who is getting easier to understand I love them all and miss them like crazy wish that here but I know they are in a lot better place with no pain, or suffering and that is why I think I can finally let them go a little more that I had before it does not stop me from wanting them to come back and be here with me but I do know that is my heart talking and not my head.  That is my head does know that it the right thing and best for all party’s involved.  Well there you have some ramblings of a crazy person but I promise you all you in cyberspace it isn’t catchy at least I almost possible that it isn’t no one has ever gotten crazy by reading my blogs before.  LOL

I believe I need to get out a take some pictures so that I can start posting a few of them here and a few of my other places that I blog on.  I have decided that I’m going to get some taken and then I’m going to start posting them on deviant art and see what I can come up with.  Wish me luck.  I have been inspired by a few of you photographer out in cyberspace.  I love taking pictures and I’m so happy with all the pictures I have seen as of late.

Well my friends, fellow bloggers and family I am going to start thinking about what I’m going to take pics of and then I’m going from there.  Don I love your panorama views of your prints that you have been posting.  Don Reese you have been taking lots of pics of boats, buoys and water (marina scenes) which I could live there around that forever more.  David you have been take lots of different types of pics  but I too will be taking pics of my angels so they can give Oliver and Chester a run for their money. LOL  Scott has been taking beautiful landscapes another one of my favorites.  So many more I don’t think I can give anymore names not because I’m being coy but because I can’t remember names. .Sad right!!  Well guys this is all for now and I want to wish you all “Happy Lent” right on up till Easter.  Be careful and God bless my prayers go out to you all and each and everyone of you are in my thoughts .

Red Sox Lady 35



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