2 March 2014

Good morning fellow bloggers, friends, and family:

It is the 2nd of March and it’s snowing can you believe it.  I know I can’t and it is cold enough for it to stick.  Yesterday it was 71 degrees beautiful and now it is about 21 degrees with the wind chill making it about 18 or so.  No wonder when I went to the doctor’s office last everyone was there with the flu or at least symptoms of the flu.  You know here in Texas we have a wonderful saying that if you don’t like the weather wait 5 minutes and it will change but I think in this instant it will take a lot more than 5 minutes.  LOL  But I suppose that since I’m going to stay inside I can’t really complain to much because I will stay dry and also stay warm.  LOL

Talking about Texas I have the best of two world of both worlds I am about 2 hours and 15 minutes North of Dallas and I’m about 2 hours and 50 minutes away from Oklahoma City and if I want to do some major shopping and I can’t find it here I have the option of going to Dallas or OKC or I can order online and then I don’t have to go to either place.  Wichita Falls isn’t a bad place to live but my daughter Misty and I (she is my youngest) have been taking about going back to Panama City, FL and living on the beach I know that both of us would be happier there then we are here.  I really like living near the water and the water has a calming effect for me when I’m upset or if I’m having some issues I like to go and sit on the beach and watch the water come in and out with the waves.   When I was stationed there I solved a lot of problems there and also just enjoyed being there.

I read an article yesterday on another site I’m on and it talked about making mistakes and never own up to them.  If you know you made a mistake and you never said anything about what have you learned not much I would think.  Of course I haven’t walked a mile in your shoes and I’m not sure I would want to because I have enough problems of my own without adding your problems to the mix.  But I know I have made many of them mistakes and I have always try to learn from them and believe some of my mistakes have been really bad.

Well it is getting a little foggy along with the snow that is falling so I will close this on a good note and say thank you so very much I hope it isn’t snowing where you are at and that your having a wonderful weekend.

Red Sox Lady 35



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