Bad Storm

Bad Storm

Heading into a bad storm and loving every minute of it because no booming or lighting at the moment.




Lighting in the misty of a big storm happening at sunset in Florida on 7June 2012

Asking for a Re-Blog

The OM asked his followers to reblog so I’m reblogging for him. Jason you have a great week and it was no problems to add it to my site.


Hello fellow bloggers, family and friends,
Well I have been thinking a lot about some things and I realize that I don’t always know as much as I think I do. Mist is going to school for Computer Networking or something like that because she is a computer nerd and enjoys working on them and just doing anything she can with them. This semester she is taking Sociology, Literary something and one more class I’m not sure about. But she has to do a portfolio in each class now the reason I don’t think I’m as smart as I think I am is quite simply in Sociology her project is about “How to keep a marriage from going bad” I told Mist when she told me what her topic was I smiled and said lots of compromise and learn to bite your tongue a lot and she said not even close. So she told me when she got it finished I could read it. But what was so funny is she told her Dad and he pretty much said the same. Now we live about 1100 miles apart and we had not talked about this yet and we still think alike sometime Mist told me that was so very weird.
Well let’s talk about the move it isn’t going to happen until June that gives us time to get stuff together and get rid of things we aren’t going to take. Pack up things we don’t need now and start our spring cleaning which we had already started but just have to get more detailed. I have never lived in Washington before but have spent time in Seattle for 22 days while I was in the military I went over there to teach some classes and had the best time. The only thing was that it started to rain when we landed and continue to rain for the whole 22 days I was there and when I went to the airport to leave the sun came out can you believe that my roommate while I was there TDY laughed at me and said that is par for the course now that you’re going home the sun comes out. We aren’t moving to Seattle but about 45 minutes south of there. So we will have the best of both worlds small town living with a big town shopping or whatever. I think I’m going too really like it up there because it has all four seasons and it has lakes and the ocean isn’t that far away. Well guys and gals it is almost 0300 and I need to hit the rack but not too hard. Tomorrow or should I say today is going to be busy there is a lot to do and a short time to do it in. God bless hope you have a good weekend and for those of you whose Saturday is your Monday have a great work week. Try to stay out of trouble and if you can’t don’t get caught. LOL

Red Sox Lady 35


Hello fellow bloggers, family and friends:

Misty and I have been going back and forth a lot lately about if and then when and where we were going to move.  Well we have finally decided instead of going east to Florida where we have friends and family we are going west where we have family but not to many and where we can start all over with a fresh start.  It will be fun because it will be different than anything we have known and we can depend on each other. 

It is a small town outside of Seattle I think it is 45 minutes south of the city.  Which isn’t all that bad.  We have somewhere to go and we even have like a little part time job to help us save a little more money to get us into an apartment or house faster.  I never thought we would have all of that when we got there so that is something I didn’t plan on.  Also think of all the pretty pictures I will post when we get to Washington from our trip.  I have been all over the states except Maine but I haven’t been to some of the little towns within the states that I have been too.   I’m looking forward to traveling with Mist and taking lots of pictures for all of you in cyberspace.

Well ladies and gentlemen it is 0030 where I live and I’m kind of bushed it has been a long day and tomorrow is going to be longer that is the problem we moving it makes you start cleaning out stuff so you won’t take so much with you to the next place.  So that is what I have been doing for the last few days I didn’t realize in a years time I could collect so much crap.  LOL  Take care my friends and fellow bloggers and I will try to do the same.  Goodnight and God bless each and every one of you.