Hello my fellow bloggers, friends and family:

I am very upset at this moment in time.  When Carl passed away now almost 2 years ago as most of you know we had our truck in the shop to get it repaired and it was never fixed when it finally came back to me.  So Misty and I have both spend nearly $500 together with people telling us that they can fix it and then on Wednesday we had a friend who really was a friend tell us he could put the freeze plug on the truck for us but it still wouldn’t be fixed because it had a cracked block.  Now since December we have had 2 mechanics work on the truck and neither one of them told us about the crack are they not good mechanic’s or is that they didn’t want to tell us that the block at a crack in it and/or was it that they just wanted to take more money?  We don’t have any more money at the moment to fix it and it will cost several hundred dollars if I go the junk route or several thousand dollars if I go the new route but either way I don’t have that kind of money at the moment and it is just plain madding.  I have to have a vehicle so that I can quit bothering people for rides and also for doctor’s appointment and other things but I just don’t know what I’m going to do.  Any suggestions ?  Trust me crying didn’t help and it gave me a headache.  LOL   Sorry to drop this in your lap but I needed a sounding board and I knew you guys and gals would listen and maybe if come up with a solution.  If I had insurance on it I just might blow it up but since it isn’t drivable because it doesn’t hold water then why insurance it would just be another expense I would be paying.

I feel like a person who is on the edge of slowing going crazy. LOL  Like my whole world is falling apart and it is spinning out of control they say the Lord doesn’t give you anymore than you can handle well Lord at the end of my rope please let me solve a few of these issues before you give me anymore to handle okay.

My daughter Misty brought a puppy into the house and she is going to school almost full time online and her puppy is 8 weeks old so she needs a lot of attention and at the moment guess who is doing that chore?  Got it one didn’t you.  I have a 3 year old cat who is upset with the puppy being here but is trying to warm up to her but she is so jealous of the time I spend with the puppy….I tell Sox that I still love her but the puppy needs lots of attention because there is so many things you have to do with her.  You have to potty train her, feed her more often then you normally would a older dog, and you have to play with her so she doesn’t chew on your favorite shoes. This has already happened once almost twice…not good!!!!

Well my family I have dropped my problems on you long enough I will close for now.  Wish you a very good day and a wonderful weekend coming up.  Who knows maybe I will win the lottery on Saturday and the truck issues won’t be a problem any more.  LOL

Red Sox Lady 35



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