Emotional Me

this is interesting and a little weird but you will see that for yourself.

HarsH ReaLiTy

My emotions follow a cycle much like a woman’s. This is not due to a coming period, however, but is instead directly related to the cycles of my addictions. I have an addictive personality and also have my share of addictions in this world. As many of my readers know I love to drink. While it would be easy for me to pass off my writing as a result of an unhindered alcoholic courage… that would be a lie. My writing is not fueled by alcohol, but it will lend inspiration from time to time. My other addictions though aren’t the point of this post.

When I was young I was told time and time again by English teachers that I needed to “adapt” my writing style. The issue was my aggressive tone, which to be fair at the time I did not recognize that aspect of my writing. I…

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