Garage Clearout – Letting Go Of The Past

Do you realize how much “junk” you can collect when you live in one house for a period of 7 years well neither did I until I moved out of my brothers house into house I’m buying and saw all of the stuff that I needed to go through before I moved to my new place. LOL

Don Charisma

Before I set sail for pastures greener, I went through of period of clearing out my garage and letting go of my “junk”. There was a financial saving in terms of not having to pay for the storage space on an ongoing basis. I’ve probably saved the cost of all of my junk in the period that’s passed. I also got a lump sum from a buyer who wanted the contents of the garage for himself to sell. I held onto some of the more useful and important items for my own possible later use.

It got me thinking about the emotional costs of holding onto old memories and “stuff”, and also of letting go. Occasionally I think about the things that I used to have. The power tools for instance which took me a while to build up a collection.

Pro’s of letting go – less emotional baggage, don’t…

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