For the Dragon’s Loyalty Award, I’ll melt snow

Not me (not counting) This award is so cool.

Mark Bialczak

This is my 300th post on

Who’s counting?

Well, WordPress, of course, as you all know from the number the WP robo-crew pops up there to celebrate each and every post you make.

And, quite by serendipity, this landmark post has an award attached. Fresh back from holiday in his native London, the effusive Don Charisma devoted a post today to the fact that he’s received the Dragon’s Loyalty Award from five bloggers.

I missed your posts last week, Don. Glad you’re back. And thank you very much, Mr. Charisma, for the nomination and the chance to display the very cool badge below.

Dragon's Loyalty

It’s been an eventful 11 months of posting here. I’ve enjoyed equally the joys of sharing my views with the world and reading what the world has to say. This WordPress community invites plenty of thought.

Onto the rules:

Section 1: Directions for you to accept…

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