Meeting a Stranger/Fellow Blogger!!

Hello Bloggers,

Every now and then in our travels we come across a person or persons who sticks out mind or thoughts that we can’t seem to quit thinking about.  Not to long ago that happen to me.  This person is a fellow blogger and also photographer.  It wasn’t so much what he said that got me thinking but how he said it.  In our lifetime we have all probably lost a lot of love ones, friends and people we knew but not well.  This person said that a complete stranger had changed his life and he hoped for the better.  That sentence got me thinking and there a lot of you out in cyberspace that I have never met and probably will never meet because you live to far away, in another country or maybe it just wasn’t in the stars for us to do that.  But I know that there will be a time I will meet some of you some where some time or another.  I’m thinking as I’m writing this for you all how many of you fit that statement and I realize that there is a lot of you.  I would love to met a few of my author’s whom I read a lot or maybe even a few of my fellow photographers whom we share a passion for taking pictures of different things. 

I found a new author that I am quite taken with and I would really like to get with her and ask a few questions about a series she is writing at the moment but if she is anything like me in that aspect she will keep her secrets close to her vest.  But I clearly do understand that but it would still be cool just to ask the questions and see if her answers are close to what I’m thinking her answers would be.

I have found a lot of friends here in cyberspace that have become family to me and maybe that is why I have been thinking a lot about the statement because there really are a few of you out there who I think it would be cool to sit down over breakfast, dinner or even supper and have a conversation about whatever we feel like and share our discussions with the rest of you to see what you might think.  I keep saying I’m going to get to Indiana and visit a friend and paint her front porch and after it dries to sit out there on it and talk a while about whatever happens to pop up first.  She is a very good writer and she has been here for awhile but she has a great sense of humor as well as a great supporter of animal rights…Her husband ran for mayor in the city where they live and her son is involved in directing and playing in plays in his city where he lives.  He also is a great supporter of animal rights which is how I got to know them both.  She doesn’t look her age and when I grow up I would love to be just like her.  LOL  She has written two books that I know about and she writes articles for Goodreads and her local paper.  So you see I could have a discussion with a lot of different people and still be very happy.

Well now that I have some of you thinking about meeting some of your cyberbuddies and trying to figure out if it might be possible I will close with this thought…Be careful what you say and write you never want to hurt someones feeling on purpose because who knows you just might meet that person down the street at the drugstore or grocery store.  Treat each person has you would like to be treated and then you never have to worry about hurting feelings.  Be good to yourself and each other.  Thanks for reading have a nice weekend and try to stay warm in this crazy weather we are having. 

Redsoxlady 35




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