It is February which in Texas usually means that the weather will start getting more Spring like well this morning most of us in North Central Texas woke up to about 4″ of snow and more in the forecast so for all of you up North or in the Eastern states where it is normally still cold at this time I do understand when you say what do we have to complain about.   It isn’t that I am really complaining it is that I don’t really like the snow after being stationed 8 years in Massachusetts it is a little sicking after a while.  LOL   I should also say I do love snow during Christmas only because it makes more sense when you’re singing it starting to look a lot like Christmas.

Now on to bigger and better things at least for me because I enjoyed both books and she has one more in the series to go which should be out soon.  First the author’s name Jacelyn Rye and she is a wonderful writer her story is believable and her characters have true to life problems that are real for every day.  The series is the “Fate”  and the book Part 1 is called: “Surrender to Fate”  Part 1 A Adult Romance Series and Part 2 is “Shattered by Fate” and the last book will be called “Chosen by Fate” .  I hope you will check them out I know they have them on Amazon in book form and for your Kindle if you have one.  Go check it out what do you have to lose and you just might find a new author to love like I did.  Good Luck and Happy Reading.




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