God is always here when you need and when you don’t!!!!

Have you ever wondering while sitting on the couch or a chair staring out the window if someone or something might be staring back at you.  I have a lot lately there has been so many things going on in my life that I have been thinking about a lot of weird stuff like that.  No I’m not having a mental breakdown yet but thanks for thinking it.  It let’s me know I’m keeping you guys on your toes sort of.  I have decided that I can’t solve all of life problems just by thinking about them and I guess that is good for me.  I don’t want to solve them all but I would like to solve a few of my own.  It isn’t that I don’t want to help anyone else at the moment I just find my overwhelming and I know that my little issues aren’t as important as yours cause I haven’t walked a mile in your shoes yet so I don’t know.  I do know that everyone’s problems are important to the man upstairs and he is dealing with them as fast as he can and if you have answer that you don’t like the do it his way for awhile I’m sure the reason he gave you the answer he did is because it is the only one available at this time.I know because he has given me several answers which I don’t like but I will have to take even though I don’t think it is the right one. The one I need the answer for he isn’t giving me anything so I know that is an answer too which means that I will not be doing anything at the present time and dealing with it the best I can and come back at another time and we will discuss it again to see if it has changed.  LOL  I sure that either by then I will have a solution or he will help me deal with it his way and we have an understand he’s way is unusual best so whom am I to argue.  About who is right or wrong he has never send me in the wrong direction before I doubt he will start now.  

I’m sorry to drop this in your lap like this but you guys are my family and friends so who better to drop the problems in your lap than friends and family.  You always seem to know when I’m having issues even if you can’t get to me or I can’t get to you but I’m slowly working on finding a solution so that I can live with it and be happy about it  too. I hope each of you had a great weekend and today is the beginning of a new week so I also hope you all have awesome week.  To all of you out there in cyber-land take care of yourself and know that I’m thinking about you too.  

Love Kat



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