God is always here when you need and when you don’t!!!!

Have you ever wondering while sitting on the couch or a chair staring out the window if someone or something might be staring back at you.  I have a lot lately there has been so many things going on in my life that I have been thinking about a lot of weird stuff like that.  No I’m not having a mental breakdown yet but thanks for thinking it.  It let’s me know I’m keeping you guys on your toes sort of.  I have decided that I can’t solve all of life problems just by thinking about them and I guess that is good for me.  I don’t want to solve them all but I would like to solve a few of my own.  It isn’t that I don’t want to help anyone else at the moment I just find my overwhelming and I know that my little issues aren’t as important as yours cause I haven’t walked a mile in your shoes yet so I don’t know.  I do know that everyone’s problems are important to the man upstairs and he is dealing with them as fast as he can and if you have answer that you don’t like the do it his way for awhile I’m sure the reason he gave you the answer he did is because it is the only one available at this time.I know because he has given me several answers which I don’t like but I will have to take even though I don’t think it is the right one. The one I need the answer for he isn’t giving me anything so I know that is an answer too which means that I will not be doing anything at the present time and dealing with it the best I can and come back at another time and we will discuss it again to see if it has changed.  LOL  I sure that either by then I will have a solution or he will help me deal with it his way and we have an understand he’s way is unusual best so whom am I to argue.  About who is right or wrong he has never send me in the wrong direction before I doubt he will start now.  

I’m sorry to drop this in your lap like this but you guys are my family and friends so who better to drop the problems in your lap than friends and family.  You always seem to know when I’m having issues even if you can’t get to me or I can’t get to you but I’m slowly working on finding a solution so that I can live with it and be happy about it  too. I hope each of you had a great weekend and today is the beginning of a new week so I also hope you all have awesome week.  To all of you out there in cyber-land take care of yourself and know that I’m thinking about you too.  

Love Kat



Griefing Widow

Grieving widower’s viral napkin note shows strength of parents’ love, son saysThe Canadian PressBy Michelle McQuigge, The Canadian Press | The Canadian Press – 18 hours agoTORONTO – When Lee Ballantyne scrawled a few words on a restaurant napkin, he was doing little more than paying tribute to his high school sweetheart while trying to salve his own grief at her loss.Lee Ballantyne’s note to a young couple at a restaurant has gone viral. (Imgur/Posted by Turboturtle08)But Ballantyne’s son Jason said his father’s decision to honour a new generation of lovers has resonated all over the world, taking him from anonymous Good Samaritan to global inspiration.Romantics and cynics alike have helped spread the tale of a grieving widower who felt compelled to buy dinner for an unknown young couple who reminded him of happy days with his late wife, who had died just a week before after a lengthy battle with lung cancer.Jason Ballantyne said the international reaction to the story has been overwhelming in one sense, but not surprising in another. The story of his parents’ marriage, he said, speaks to profound emotions that are nearly universal.”It cuts across cultures because it’s a story about two people who shared a very strong bond and a man dealing with that loss reaches out to somebody in the time of his grief,” Ballantyne said in a telephone interview from Barrie, Ont.”That’s the type of person my dad is.”Lee Ballantyne, former editor of the Belleville Intelligencer and current columnist for the Barrie Advance, went out to dinner on Jan. 7, barely a week after his wife Carol’s death.The melancholy meal became a more pleasant experience for Ballantyne as he watched a young couple enjoying dinner together across the room from where he sat.The happy pair prompted him to reach out in a way that even he had not planned.In what he described as a spontaneous gesture, Ballantyne seized a napkin and dashed off a quick note to the unknown pair:”You don’t know me but my beautiful wife of 43 years died last week. Tonight I dined alone for the first time. You remind me of us many years ago. Please allow me to buy your dinner. Enjoy! It will put a smile on Carol’s face and make me happy . . . for now. Happy New Year! Lee B. Pay it forward.”A waiter at the restaurant photographed the note and posted it online. Within hours, Ballantyne’s words and generosity were making an impact around the world.In a column written about the reaction, Ballantyne said his note was reposted to various social networks and had garnered hundreds of thousands of views by the end of the week.Traditional media soon followed suit, with the U.K.’s Daily Mail writing a story and posting pictures of the Ballantynes and their children. News outlets in countries as far afield as Australia, Germany and Croatia also ran articles.What the note did not capture, Jason Ballantyne said, was the long-standing bond between his parents.Lee and Carol Ballantyne met when they were still teenagers in the northern Ontario mining town of Kirkland Lake, he said. They came together at a community dance after Lee had been rejected by Carol’s best friend.”(Mom) went home that night, and her sisters have confirmed this, that she said, ‘I just danced with the man I’m going to marry,'” Jason Ballantyne said.The relationship, which Jason Ballantyne said went through typical ups and downs, grew closer in the past five years as Carol struggled with lupus, cancer and other medical conditions that left her unable to eat solid food for nearly two years.Her death has left a void for his father, Jason said, adding the gesture in the restaurant was motivated by a profound sense of identity with the couple across the way.”He said it hurts not having Mom there with him,” Jason said. “That was why it was so powerful at that meal because it hit him that, ‘I’m never going to have dinner with my wife again.'”Days after the note became public, social media is still rife with posts about Lee Ballantyne, his grief and his good deed.Many took inspiration from his actions, such as the Twitter user who reflected on following in his footsteps.”Saw this lovely story today and it made me think — have you done anything nice for a stranger lately?”Others were more direct in their praise: “This man proudly holds the flame of humanity aloft. Nicely done.”Not all reaction was so positive, however. One Intelligencer columnist felt compelled to write about what he described as “Internet trolls” who cast aspersions on Ballantyne and even questioned the authenticity of the napkin note.”…The Internet, as it is wont to do, began to eat its own,” wrote Ballantyne’s personal friend Chris Malette. “There are heartless trolls who skewered the note, the gesture and even Lee. But, those morons are legion in the faceless world of the Internet.”But Lee Ballantyne himself was among the first to shrug off the handful of negative comments.While acknowledging their existence in his column, he said they weigh lightly in the balance compared to the outpouring of support and appreciation he’s received.”I didn’t write the note and pay the tab to achieve my 15 minutes of fame. I did it to put a smile on someone’s face and to give myself a badly needed feel-good moment,” he wrote.”The hundreds of comments since then have, I confess, warmed my heart.”One particularly meaningful interaction came when the couple who inspired the gesture reached out to thank him.Ballantyne declined to name them, but said his contact with them holds promise of bringing the entire interaction full circle.”I appreciated the effort they made to find me and thank me. I hope we will have dinner together one day.” Enjoy your day…Be safe and warm… Blessings


Thank you Carol Ann



Hello fellow bloggers, friends and family,

I wanted to wish you all the very best New Year 2014 that I can.  I hope all your dreams come true and that everything you want and need will come to be.  This past year hasn’t been all that good for me but I am praying that 2014 will be a whole lot better and I know in my heart it could get much worse.

We all talk about making resolutions but I wonder why we bother because somewhere along the lines we either just give up because we have broken every one of them or we just quit because we can’t manage to do one of them.  So this year I’m not making any resolutions I’m only going to do one thing and that is to finish my book and then get it published.  That will take up some time and that way I don’t have to worry about the rest of the resolutions which I never get done any way. LOL

It is my wish for all of you to spend a little time with you whether it be on the phone, chatting online or in person but that is my intention let’s hope I can do that one.  For the rest of you have a save and wonderful new year and remember to treat everyone the same and they will treat you the same way.   Love all of you so much Kat