Wishing all a Happy Thanksgiving

Hello fellow friends and family:

I’m here to do a little catching up and to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving with your own family and friends.  It has been since October that I was here to write and I know that isn’t good but I have been a little busy with my cousin and my daughters and of course my beautiful granddaughters too! Now it is all quiet again my oldest daughter and her two daughters have moved out into their own space and left Misty and mine back to us.  It seems a little funny not to hear the noise of what 2 teenage girls can give off in a single day.  Now there is no noise other than what the television or radio produces.  So that means quiet right? 

Not a lot going on here other than what I have stated above.  I want to wish you all a special Thanksgiving and also a beginning of the holiday season that starts at Thanksgiving and ends on the 1January. I’m hoping this holiday season will be as wonderful for you and yours as it will be for me and mine. 

Thank you again with love and respect



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